A Team of Wonderful Weirdos.
Who Love to Capture Other Weirdos In Love.

We specialize in a candid and creative approach to wedding photography. Our goal isn’t to just show you what your wedding looked like, but to transport you back in time so you can feel the way it felt. We’ll capture it all: the deep breath before you walk down the aisle, grandma getting down on the dance floor, arm wrestling with your nephew on the shuttle to the reception, teaching mom how to take tequila shots… the loud, the quiet… the real.

Baltimore Wedding Photographer, Breanna Shaw, with Photography by Brea, LLC

Hi I’m Brea!

Like the cheese.

This business is the happiest accident of my life. What started as a hobby turned into my life’s mission. The most important thing in our short time on this planet is connection – and it’s the greatest honor of my life to be able to connect with so many amazing people and through my camera be able to show them how they love and how they are loved. After over 300 weddings and nearly a decade of this business, you’d think shooting weddings every weekend would get old. And there was a time that I was starting to feel that way… but that’s when I realized I was doing it wrong. Weddings aren’t about flowers and chair covers. They’re about people. This is the one time in your life everyone you love will be in one room. Each wedding is unique because the dynamic between each couple and each family is unique. That’s pretty fucking cool.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I am a rock climber, scuba diver, glass blower (#breablowsglass on instagram), ukulele player, world traveler, and cat mom to Sherlock (@sherlocknessmonster on instagram). During the winter, I teach a video class at the Sheffield Institute of the Recording Arts and I love having a positive impact on my students. Everything I love to do challenges me personally and makes me a stronger person. I feel the most alive when I feel connected to this beautiful planet and the people on it. 

I also do documentary style family photography, you can see that work by clicking here.

This is Tommy

Puppy lover, Rock Climber, and Bow-tie Expert.

In early 2017, Tommy first shadowed me on a wedding. I threw a camera in his hands, gave very little instruction and just waited to see what would happen. What came back was mind blowing. What is so hard to teach, he picked up on right away– and that’s how to connect, anticipate, and capture real human moments. Since then he’s become my always second shooter! Our work complements each other’s perfectly and we make an awesome team. Tommy is an outdoorsy adventurous type and feels most at home in the mountains. He’s a rock climber and has traveled all over the US and to Europe in search of world class boulders. He also loves puppies, so if you bring your dog to your engagement session or wedding, he’ll be your best friend.

This is Brooke

Our Right Hand Gal and Keeper of the Snacks.

Brooke came into our lives in 2018 and has been one of the best additions to our team. She’s the sweetest, wears her heart on her sleeve, and fits into our bag of weirdos perfectly. My favorite Brooke moment at every wedding is watching her see the bride for the first time. We should all find someone who looks at us the way Brooke looks at everyone. Do you have nieces, nephews, children, or a stubborn aunt who won’t smile for pictures? Brooke’s rendition of baby shark is on point. If it does not get kids smiling, at least your family will laugh at the weird blonde lady. She’s the momma to two sweet rescue pups and an ukulele queen and she lives in Baltimore with her incredible fiance Brian. Their love is a thing of story books. When Brooke isn’t working with us on weddings she’s a special educator and loves her students deeply.

Photography by Brea has been recognized in the World’s Best Wedding Photos, and has won awards in highly competitive professional competitions by Fearless Photographers, and the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Our photos have been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and The New York Times, among others. Locally, our weddings have been featured in Baltimore Weddings and Philly Magazine.

We are based in Baltimore, Maryland but serve Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Northern Virginia and any other locations in the DMV region. We are also available for Destination Weddings and have photographed in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Greece, as well as all over the United States.