A Team of Wonderful Weirdos.
Who Love to Capture Other Weirdos In Love.

We specialize in a candid and creative approach to wedding photography. Our goal isn’t to just show you what your wedding looked like, but to transport you back in time so you can feel the way it felt. We’ll capture it all: the deep breath before you walk down the aisle, grandma getting down on the dance floor, arm wrestling with your nephew on the shuttle to the reception, teaching mom how to take tequila shots… the loud, the quiet… the real.

Hi I’m Brea!

Like the cheese

This business is the happiest accident of my life. What started as a hobby turned into my life’s mission. The most important thing in our short time on this planet is connection – and it’s the greatest honor of my life to be able to connect with so many amazing people and through my camera be able to show them how they love and how they are loved. After over 400 weddings and nearly a decade of this business, you’d think shooting weddings every weekend would get old. And there was a time that I was starting to feel that way… but that’s when I realized I was doing it wrong. Despite how pretty they are, weddings aren’t about flowers, stationery, and place settings. They’re about people. This is the one time in your life everyone you love will be in one room. Each wedding is unique because the dynamic between each couple and each family is unique. That’s pretty fucking cool.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I am a scuba diver, glass blower (#breablowsglass on instagram), ukulele, guitar, and guitarlele player, world traveler, wife to Jonathan, step mom to Eleanor and Elliott, and cat mom to the love of my life, Sherlock (@sherlocknessmonster on instagram). From 2010 to 2022 I also taught video and photography at the college level, and I love having a positive impact on my students, and the lifelong friendships forged. Everything I love to do challenges me personally and makes me a stronger person. I feel the most alive when I feel connected to this beautiful planet and the people on it. 

I also do documentary style family photography, you can see that work by clicking here.

Our Wedding

It’s a cliché for a reason – it really was the Best Day Ever™

This past November, my husband and I got married and did the whole thing, and having been on the other side of the wedding experience was absolutely magical. There aren’t words to put to the experience that do it justice until you’ve been there. Looking out at our friends and family from our sweetheart table, my husband looked at me and said “You can’t put a price on this.” Being able to share our love in this beautiful collective experience with all of our favorite people was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s also really helped me shape my approach on the wedding day. I want to be the advocate for you to have a mindful wedding day experience with your favorite people, and capturing those real moments as they unfold. That’s what it’s all about.

Also, I am obsessed with this photo. We had no idea this happened, obviously, our eyes were closed. My step daughter/bff in her pure pre-teen disgust, turning away unable to watch (after hugging me *literally* the entire ceremony), and my step son jumping for joy. Shortly after, he was so overcome with emotion he cried happy tears for the first time in his life. We have a lot of wonderful photos from our wedding, but I love how this one moment brings me back to the feeling at the end of the ceremony and reminds me of the love I felt in this moment, our first moment as an official family. Having these moments captured forever just helps to really hit home how important this job really is.

This is Jim

Photo Ninja, Second Shooter, Editor, Best Friend.

In early 2016, I met Jim. I knew immediately that he would become special to me but neither of us could have possibly known how much our lives would change because of our friendship. He has taught me to connect my heart to everything I do, and because of that I am the photographer and person that I am today.

Jim is a rock climber, uncle to two amazing boys, and world class best friend. His presence is so calming and trusting, everyone feels safe to be their true self, whatever that looks like. It’s what makes him such an incredible documentarian AND friend. I’m so lucky to have Jim on board as my primary second photographer, editor, and assistant! Getting to work with my best friend is amazing!

The photo above is from my wedding and I love it so much. Jim is watching me say my vows with tears in his eyes, wearing a boutonniere of my cat, a galaxy bowtie and teal suit jacket to match my hair. Besties for eva. (his pants, not pictured, were purple – of the guests he was clearly best dressed)

This is Courtney

We love our Corgi.

Corgi and I met through a Facebook group for the local rock climbing gym, looking for a belay buddy. Little did I know that through that fateful meet up, I’d find a new photography assistant and two new besties (Corgs introduced me to Brooke too!) Neither of us climb anymore, but both of us agree it gave us something even better. Courtney has an eye for detail that is unmatched and she loves making sure everything is just right without interrupting any special moments.

On the wedding day she is the go to gal who is there to fix any problem that arises without people even noticing. Even if it’s finding the right cleaner (it’s OxyClean, btw) to get the groom’s blood off the bride’s white dress. Seriously, I’ll tell you the story. Courtney brings the best energy to every wedding and adds so much to the experience for us and our couples!

When not helping us at weddings Corgi is a special education teacher, cat mom, and jewelry making queen.

This is Brooke

Keeper of the Snacks, Hugger of the Soul.

Brooke came into our lives in 2018 and has been one of the best additions to our team. She’s the sweetest, wears her heart on her sleeve, and fits into our bag of weirdos perfectly. My favorite Brooke moment at every wedding is watching her see the bride for the first time. We should all find someone who looks at us the way Brooke looks at everyone. Do you have nieces, nephews, children, or a stubborn aunt who won’t smile for pictures? Brooke’s rendition of baby shark is on point. If it does not get kids smiling, at least your family will laugh at the weird blonde lady.

Brooke is the most gentle soul and her warmth makes her such a calming presence that makes everyone feel at ease, even when things are a little stressful – as they often are – on a wedding day.

She’s the momma to two sweet rescue pups and an ukulele queen and she lives in Baltimore with her incredible husband Brian. Their love is a thing of story books. When Brooke isn’t working with us on weddings she’s a special educator and loves her students deeply.

This is Joanne

a.k.a. Mama Llama (and yes, you can call her that)

Joanne and I met on my birthday many, many years ago. Since then she’s been many things to me. Mom, a nag, my best friend, and now one of my photography assistants! When I first started my business in my early 20s my mom had offered to help several times, but I told her no one would take me seriously, so no. (lol)

Fast forward to 2022, her newly retired, me a decade into this business, and her still offering, I finally took her up on it. She helped me at her first engagement session, absolutely KILLED it at the lighting, and just lit up watching me work. She’s been my biggest fan forever, and seeing the other side of it made her really proud, and made me realize what a gift it is that we could work together.

She keeps us hydrated and gives us candy after dinner, carries all of the things (don’t worry about her, she’s a badass, she’s got this), is surprisingly good at lighting, and absolutely LOVES running our photo booth. And our clients love her <3

Photography by Brea has been recognized in the World’s Best Wedding Photos, and has won awards in highly competitive professional competitions by Fearless Photographers, and the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Our photos have been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and The New York Times, among others. Locally, our weddings have been featured in Baltimore Weddings and Philly Magazine.

We are based in Baltimore, Maryland but serve Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Northern Virginia and any other locations in the DMV region. We are also available for Destination Weddings and have photographed in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Greece, as well as all over the United States.