Lindsay + Finbar | The Belvedere Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland

August 19, 2015 Lindsay + Finbar | The Belvedere Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland

Lindsay and Finbar’s wedding this past Saturday was so incredibly beautiful. A gorgeous couple, a stunning church, lovely reception space. But it was more than just that. There were beautiful moments all day between Lindsay and Fin, their families, and friends. I got teary watching their first dance because they just looked so over the moon happy to be married, and that’s how it should be.

I absolutely love the story of the day that they met! It’s so good that their priest even shared it during the ceremony. Lindsay and Fin met in Dewey Beach in 2010. Lindsay was in Ocean City with a friend, and reluctantly went along to Dewey Beach. She didn’t want to go to some place with people she didn’t know, and would rather have just stayed in Ocean City. (I can so totally relate to this). But she decided to be a good friend, and she went anyway. When they were on their way, she saw a shooting star. A sign, perhaps? That night, she met Finbar and they hit it off right away. When it was time to go back to Ocean City, she didn’t want to leave. Later that week they went on their first date back home in Baltimore, and the rest is history. I love it when a chance meeting turns into a lifelong love.

Lindsay and Fin, I’ve loved getting to know you both and loved being by your side to capture your special day. I hope you have a blast in Italy and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!

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Ceremony Venue: Saint Alphonsus Church
Reception Venue: The Belvedere
Hotel: Hotel Monaco
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek
Band: The Bachelor Boys
Caterer: Belvedere
Bakery: La Cakerie
Bridal Gown: Casablanca
Hair and Makeup: Beyond Brides
Florist: My Flower Box
Transportation: Z Best and Triangle Limousine, Inc.
Stationery: Kindly R.S.V.P.
Groom’s suit: Custom made by Christopher Schafer Clothier
Bridesmaid dresses: Bill Levkoff
Groomsmen Suits: Joseph A. Banks
Wedding Favors: Made by the Mother of the Bride!



  • Alicia Wiley
    Posted at 09:32h, 19 August Reply

    Every little detail is beautiful. I LOVE her shoes and clutch!

  • Dani
    Posted at 10:42h, 19 August Reply

    Oh my goodness!! This wedding is amazing!! That cake, this couple – everything, Brea! Beautiful!

  • Christa Rae
    Posted at 18:56h, 19 August Reply

    Oh Brea, both this wedding and your photography of it are just fantastic!!! I LOVE that you got photos of the couple at so many interesting locations! The church and her gown were so lovely! Love, love, love!!!

  • Renee
    Posted at 04:02h, 20 August Reply

    So pretty Brea- I love how you captured their joy + happiness during the ceremony! Beautiful!

  • kathy
    Posted at 08:44h, 20 August Reply

    Fantastic coverage! The details are so sparkly! :D

  • Lindsay
    Posted at 22:29h, 20 August Reply

    Brea, you are amazing! LOVE all the pictures!!

  • Tammie
    Posted at 16:17h, 25 August Reply

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!!

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