Tyler + Kevin | In Home Engagement Photos | Towson, MD

May 24, 2021 Tyler + Kevin | In Home Engagement Photos | Towson, MD

I’m a Tyler and Kevin fangirl. Oops. But seriously, these two are so much fun, and they radiate such a warm positive energy that is contagious, and I loved our time together. We also got very (very) familiar with their pup Oscar! He was delightfully neurotic and is my new best friend. When I asked Kevin and Tyler where they wanted to do their engagement session, they chose their home and the surrounding area: both places they’ve spent a lot of time in throughout the pandemic. They were married this past year in front of their living room windows, which made it the perfect and most appropriate space for this session.

As soon as I walked into their home I knew I wanted to make some version of the final photo in this post. This space is so special and important to them. It’s where they were married, it’s where they’ve weathered a pandemic, and it’s where they’ve built a home. It was one of the last shots of the night, and although there’s no physical connection between the two of them, it feels like love and comfort and like them.

To my new three besties, I can’t wait for your wedding later this year. Here are some of my favorites:

In Home Engagement Photos



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