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July 6, 2010 The Steinharters

Yesterday I did a shoot with my friend Elise, a former coworker of mine, and her family. They're an uncommonly gorgeous family and the photos turned out wonderfully! We got permission to shoot in their friend's neighbor's backyard which had all sorts of fun and cute furniture and setups to choose from! Looking at the photos you'd never guess this was the back yard of an average-sized single family home. Ahuva was such a pleasure to work with and a wonderfully happy baby! Ahuva was often distracted by the reflector (and Steve, who was holding it-- Elise says that Ahuva flirts with all the boys ;)) but Aunt Ruby was there to get her attention and her smiles. Click "Read More" to see the rest of my favorites from this session.

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July 5, 2010 Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! We certainly did. Our fourth of July celebrations started on the first! Thursday night we went to Josh and Jamie's house and had a cookout and watched fireworks from their deck. I didn't have my camera with me, but I did snap some shots of the fireworks and of baby Ethan (now 6 months!) on my new iPhone 4 and I'm pretty pleased considering they're camera phone photos! Ethan is such a happy and...

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June 17, 2010 Family Fun

This weekend I had a shoot with Kim and her siblings, the photos are going to be printed and presented as Father's Day gifts to both her Step-Dad and Father. Such a cute and fun idea! The group was so photogenic and we had a lot of fun. They were a great pleasure to work with, and all really good sports as it was 90 degrees and we were all sweaty by the end! Our 1-hour session only lasted about 40 minutes but we got some great shots in during that time. If we had actually gone the whole hour we would have probably been drenched by the end! Click "Read More" to see a couple of my favorites from the session.

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May 20, 2010 The McDonald Clan

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this weekend's shoot. Tiffaney and Sean have the most adorable kids! Brooke was such a sweetheart and so cooperative and Kaiden was so cute! They were both very good for the shoot even though they were both sick! Click "Read More" to see the rest of my favorites from this session.

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May 20, 2010 Jerusalem Mill

Went out to Jerusalem Mill with a couple of friends and their families. It was a beautiful day and I really loved the location. Must go back there and shoot some more! Click "Read More" to see a couple of my favorites from the day.

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