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November 20, 2019 Laura + Jimi | The Engineer’s Club Wedding Photos | Baltimore, MD

Laura and Jimi's wedding this past weekend at the Engineer's Club in Baltimore was the best possible ending to our crazy wedding streak! The Wedding Jimi and Laura's wedding wrapped up the bulk of our wedding season for the year and we're pretty psyched at how 2019 is going out so far. This wedding was the perfect reflection of their relationship - laid back, fun and filled with laughter. There were so many awesome touches throughout the day. Laura slipped into her...

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July 16, 2014 Tanya + Yian | Engineer’s Club Wedding in Baltimore

Eight years ago this Saturday, Yian and Tanya had their first date--it was a full moon. This Saturday was also a full moon - a coincidence that will only happen 3 more times in their lives together. The stars aligned for the perfect wedding date, and lead to a wonderful wedding day. Tanya and Yian's wedding this weekend at the Engineer's Club was absolutely breathtaking. The Engineer's Club is such an elegant location for a wedding, and all of their beautiful florals...

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