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June 7, 2017 St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church and Pier 5 Baltimore Wedding | Lindsey + Dan

Lindsey and Dan's St. Leo's Roman Catholic Church and Pier 5 Baltimore wedding was as glamorous as it was heartfelt and sweet. It was a testament to their slow but sure beginnings that grew into a deep and loving relationship. The Couple Dan and Lindsey met in the city a little over four years ago through mutual friends. Lindsey said things started out gradually, going on occasional dates and seeing each other out. Before they knew it, things took off! They were...

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Hotel at Arundel Preserve Wedding photo

November 30, 2016 The Hotel at Arundel Preserve Wedding | Stacey + Matt

What a way to end 2016! I've been looking forward to Stacey and Matt's Hotel at Arundel Preserve wedding since Stacey's enthusiastic inquiry last year. I'm so excited to share it with you. Stacey and Matt are two of the best, and their day was a perfect reflection of their love for each other. The Couple Stacey and Matt met in 2013 through mutual friends. With work in common and a spark between them, it wasn't long before they got together. It's obvious...

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