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June 15, 2022 Alanah + Genevieve | LGBTQ+ Wedding at Gramercy Mansion | Lutherville, MD

Genevieve and Alanah's wedding this past weekend was one of the most special that I've ever been a part of, and will remain in my heart forever. The Couple From the brides: "To be quite honest, the best part of our love story was not how we met. The best parts have been the adventures that we've had along the way! "From camping and hitchhiking our way across the Virgin Islands and seeing magical nights and starry skies (and not showering for a...

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May 17, 2018 Meredith + Mary Ellen | Wedding at The Elm in Baltimore, MD

This past weekend, Tommy and I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Mary Ellen and Meredith - and for a million reasons, it will most likely remain one of my favorite weddings forever. The Couple From Mary Ellen: "We met at work, where I was Meredith's boss!  When she came to tell me she was leaving to move to another state, I started to cry (not the textbook human resources response)!  We started dating soon after, requiring us to disclose...

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