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May 20, 2012 Logan is 2!

Well, almost. He turns two in just under two weeks. This was the third time that I have photographed Mr. Logan and it was by far my favorite session of the bunch! He was very active and I definitely got my workout for the day in chasing him around (ahh the joys of a 2-year old) but it was well worth the effort! We also got some great family photos this time which was never really a focus of the...

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November 15, 2010 Two families, one day.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working with two families, one after the other at Jerusalem Mill. It was absolutely *freezing* out but everyone was great about it! First I worked with little Logan. He's only five months old and despite the bitter cold he did a wonderful job :) we got some really cute stuff. He can't sit up on his own yet, so we're going to get together again in the spring when it's a little warmer, and...

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