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June 15, 2022 Alanah + Genevieve | LGBTQ+ Wedding at Gramercy Mansion | Lutherville, MD

Genevieve and Alanah's wedding this past weekend was one of the most special that I've ever been a part of, and will remain in my heart forever. The Couple From the brides: "To be quite honest, the best part of our love story was not how we met. The best parts have been the adventures that we've had along the way! "From camping and hitchhiking our way across the Virgin Islands and seeing magical nights and starry skies (and not showering for a...

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August 16, 2021 Kevin + Tyler | Main Street Ballroom Wedding Photos | Ellicott City, MD

Kevin and Tyler's wedding at Main Street Ballroom this past weekend was the most fun, classy, nerdy, gorgeous wedding ever and I'm so excited to share highlights on the blog today! The Couple I can't imagine two people better suited for each other than Tyler and Kevin. So it's no surprise that when they went out on their first date with the intention of not getting into "anything serious" that they immediately threw that idea out the window. A few years later,...

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July 12, 2021 Alanah + Genevieve | Soldier’s Delight Engagement Photos | Reisterstown, MD

I love these humans so much. So much so, that when I told my best friend and second shooter Jim to put their wedding on the calendar, I told him to make sure to mark that this was a "very special wedding" and he 110% has to be there. Alanah and Genevieve have such a beautiful love, connection, and energy that makes you want to be around them always. They just radiate love for each other in a way that...

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June 16, 2021 Colleen + Rachel | 1840s Ballroom Wedding Photos | Baltimore, MD

Colleen and Rachel's wedding this past weekend at 1840s Ballroom was AMAZING! So excited to share the highlights on the blog today. The Proposal(s)! Engagement Story: If you know Colleen, you know that she never sings in public. EVER. So when she suggested going to karaoke night at the Ottobar one July evening, Rachel quickly agreed! After Rachel and some friends sang a few songs and Colleen had a few beers, Colleen's name came up on the screen. To Rachel's amazement, she took...

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same sex wedding at stone manor country club

November 10, 2020 Jay + Kevin | Stone Manor Country Club Wedding Photos | Middletown, MD

Jay and Kevin's wedding this past weekend at Stone Manor Country Club was everything I wished for them and more. So much love, so much fun, a beautiful 75 degree day (In NOVEMBER!?!?). I'm so excited to share the highlights on the blog today. The Couple From the couple: "Jay & Kevin first met in 2011 doing something they love: singing. Both are part of Potomac Fever, a small ensemble group of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC (GMCW). By creating...

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