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August 16, 2021 Kevin + Tyler | Main Street Ballroom Wedding Photos | Ellicott City, MD

Kevin and Tyler's wedding at Main Street Ballroom this past weekend was the most fun, classy, nerdy, gorgeous wedding ever and I'm so excited to share highlights on the blog today! The Couple I can't imagine two people better suited for each other than Tyler and Kevin. So it's no surprise that when they went out on their first date with the intention of not getting into "anything serious" that they immediately threw that idea out the window. A few years later,...

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May 1, 2015 Katie + Ryan | Vandiver Inn Wedding

There just are no words that will do any of what I'm about to say justice, but I will do my best. When we first met, and also for their engagement session, being around Katie and Ryan was effortless. They're such a fun, awesome couple, and immediately we just clicked. Their engagement session still remains one of my all time favorites, both because of the photos, and the experience of our time together. On their wedding day, I just kept...

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