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September 4, 2019 Kacie + Shawn | Wedding at Pond View Farm | White Hall, MD

Shawn and Kacie's wedding at Pond View Farm was easily one of my favorite (and best) weddings ever. Psyched to be sharing photos of this incredible celebration on the blog today! The Couple From Kacie: "We met sophomore year of high school. We had the same homeroom and spanish class, so we had a lot of time to become best friends while I helped Shawn cheat on our spanish tests. After four years of being best friends Shawn finally asked me to be...

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September 13, 2017 Pond View Farm Wedding | White Hall, MD | Katlyn + Andrew

Katlyn and Andrew had the most perfect Pond View Farm wedding this past Friday. There is so much love and laughter in this blog post! The Couple From the bride: Andrew and Katlyn met in college. They both started out pursuing Accounting degrees, but Katlyn soon realized she would hate her life if she stayed in that profession. They didn’t talk much while having classes together, but Andrew made a few weird jokes that made Katlyn laugh (occasionally) and slowly worked up...

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Hannah Meredith Pond View Farm same sex wedding

October 4, 2016 Pond View Farm Wedding | Maryland Photographer | Hannah + Meredith

I have been looking forward to Hannah and Meredith's Pond View Farm wedding for literally years. They booked me more than two years out, and we've been talking about it for longer. I love these guys so much. The Couple I stole this (and condensed it) from their wedding website, Meredith did such a great job writing it! Hannah and Meredith met in the most romantic way possible– the internet. Somewhere in Meredith’s profile it said, “I love people who can teach me something.”...

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June 1, 2016 Katie + Jeff | Pond View Farm Wedding | White Hall, Maryland

Katie and Jeff's wedding this past Saturday was beautiful and as fun as they are! It was the first day with sunshine in what feels like ages, and we were all pretty pumped about that fact. There were so many beautiful moments throughout the day, like Katie's first look with her dad (all of the daddy-daughter first looks and Father of the Bride speeches this year have hit right in the feels!) and Katie and Jeff's "non-first look". I also...

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