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Antrim 1844 wedding photo

June 23, 2017 Antrim 1844 Wedding | Taneytown, MD | Nicole + Tucker

This Antrim 1844 wedding brought a sense of rusticness to an timeless, elegant setting. It was a gorgeous June day for Nicole and Tucker to get married! The Couple Nicole and Tucker met each other when Nicole went to interview Tucker for a paper she was doing for one of her classes at Johns Hopkins. It quickly became clear that they had more than the obvious Baltimore connections in common. After their first date at The Music Cafe, they and their families quickly...

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Turf Valley wedding photo

June 22, 2017 Turf Valley Wedding Photos | Ellicott City, MD | Asha + Mike

Asha and Mike's Turf Valley wedding was rich with emotion and color. The beautiful combination of ceremony and fun made for an especially perfect day. The Couple Asha and Mike met around six years ago when Asha was interning with her father over the summer. She was working in multimedia and Mike was over in engineering. Mike would stop by each day to make conversation with Asha's boss and say hello to her. On her last day, Asha found out Mike had only started paying...

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