The Goles Kids!

November 15, 2010 The Goles Kids!

My second session this Sunday was with the Goles kids. You may remember them from my first trip to Jerusalem Mill (the one that started it all) where I photographed both the Goles family and the Hulse family. That session was actually days before Karis started walking and this time she was running all over the place! I’ve known Corbin and Karis since they were born and it’s still absolutely crazy to me how big they’re getting! We had a lot of fun during our session on Saturday. The kids are so funny and so is mom :). It did -not- feel like work at all with these guys!

The photo below is very typical of Corbin and Karis. Corbin being goofy and Karis not being amused :P Take a look at the rest of the sneak peek, and you’ll see, these kids have so much fun!




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