Chelsea + Pete | Baltimore Yacht Club Wedding

June 25, 2014 Chelsea + Pete | Baltimore Yacht Club Wedding

This Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea and Pete’s beautiful wedding day. These two high school sweethearts were wed at Saint Ursula’s church and partied it up at the gorgeous Baltimore Yacht Club. From the perfect nautical palette of aqua and navy to all of the gorgeous nautical details at the reception, this one sure is a beauty. There are also so many beautiful moments that I can’t wait to take you through. Chelsea lost her mother a few years ago, but she was with them all day long. There were so many touching tributes from the butterfly release, to even the smallest details to keep her momma close at heart.

I started my day off with Chelsea and the girls at her dad’s house – when I got there the girls’ dresses were already hung up expertly on the back doorway! I love the bridesmaids’ dress color (who’s surprised?)


Chelsea and Pete are the second couple I know to wear new scents on their wedding day. It’s said that scent is the most powerful sense with its tie to memories. So wearing a new scent on your wedding day will attach that scent to the day! Every time you wear it from then on it should remind you of your wedding day. I love this idea, and I hope more couples pick it up!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0162 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0163

Chelsea wore her mother’s anchor necklace on her wedding day, it was her mom’s Mother’s day gift her last Mother’s day. Chelsea always called her mom her anchor, and so the anchor theme carried on throughout the day in her honor. Pete even wore matching Anchor cufflinks, which you can see above.


Chelsea also had a locket with a photo of her and her mom that we attached to her bouquet to carry down the aisle.


Such a gorgeous gown!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0166 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0167 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0168

Chelsea was so happy and calm all morning!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0169 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0173 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0171 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0174 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0181 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0180 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0182 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0183 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0184

All of the moments with Chelsea and her daddy got me teary. This was no exception.


Meanwhile, at Pete’s house, Jen was there capturing the guys as they got ready.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0175 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0176 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0177 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0178 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0179

And before heading to the church, I grabbed some shots of the beautiful ladies outside.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0186 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0187 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0188 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0189

The ceremony at Saint Ursula was beautiful, and even more special as Pete’s Uncle Frank¬†officiated their ceremony.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0190 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0192 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0194 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0195 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0196 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0197 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0198 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0199

Woohoo! Just married!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0207 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0208

This was such an energetic bridal party! I love it when they truly commit to the fun photos!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0209 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0210

Thanks to the delightfully overcast day, we had pretty much free reign of the docks and had gorgeous light no matter where we turned. We could shoot anywhere and everywhere! And we did! There’s a bit of a portrait overload in this post, but #sorrynotsorry, they’re too gorgeous not to share!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0211 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0212chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0213 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0214 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0215 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0216

Oh Chelsea, too pretty.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0217 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0218 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0219chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0220 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0221 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0222 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0224 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0225 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0223 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0226chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0227 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0228 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0229 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0230

She seriously made the most stunning bride.


How cute are these two? Love this!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0232 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0233chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0234 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0235 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0236 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0237chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0244

Prior to entering the reception, Chelsea and Pete released butterflies in memory of Chelsea’s mom.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0238 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0239

Inside the reception there were so many pretty details! It looked amazing.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0200 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0201 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0202 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0203 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0204 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0205 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0206

Party time!

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0240 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0241

I just love this shot of Chelsea and her grandmother.


Chelsea and Pete shared a very sweet first dance.


The daddy-daughter dance made me cry. They started off with about 45 seconds of Daddy’s Little Girl, and then moved into an upbeat dance to “Say Hey” by Michael Franti. One of my favorite songs anyway, but this sweet dance had so many of us in tears. Her relationship with her dad is so special.


Pete and his mom danced to Blackbird by the Beatles.


They went all in for the cake cutting. And I mean ALL in.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0249 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0250

And the bouquet/garter toss… well…


They blindfolded Mike, the best man, who happened to get the garter. What happened next was… a first for me. The lovely Ashley who caught the bouquet (AND got engaged the very next day, congratulations, lady!!!) was taken away and replaced by this… beautiful woman? man? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?


Most hilarious crowd reaction shots ever.

chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0253 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0254 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0255chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0256chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0258chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0247 chelsea-pete-baltimore-yacht-club-wedding_0248

Chelsea and Pete, you guys had such a beautiful and FUN wedding day and I loved being a part of it and being able to capture all of these memories for you! I hope you’re having an amazing time in Mexico! Have a Margarita for me!


Ceremony venue: Saint Ursula Roman Catholic Church
Reception venue: Baltimore Yacht Club
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek
Bakery: Sugar Bakers
Dress purchased from: K&B Bridal
Hair: Linsay Gillum
Makeup: Allison Pecore and Meaghan O’Meara
Transportation: A Platinum Plus Limousines
Florist: Floral Impressions
Invitations: Allison Barnhill Designs




  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:05h, 25 June Reply

    Oh sweet nautical! You’re speaking my language! Such a beautiful wedding, Brea!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 08:48h, 25 June Reply

    Gorgeous wedding! I love the colors!!! And the butterfly release is so touching. What a great memory.

  • Emilia Jane
    Posted at 09:09h, 25 June Reply

    Love those portraits by the boats!

  • Nichols Portraits
    Posted at 09:10h, 25 June Reply

    Beautiful wedding!!!!

  • ashley mitchell
    Posted at 09:27h, 25 June Reply

    Such a BRIGHT and happy wedding! I love when you can just feel how much FUN everyone is having!

  • Kate
    Posted at 10:26h, 25 June Reply

    Love those detail shots! Beautiful wedding Brea!

  • Sarah Tapanes
    Posted at 10:56h, 25 June Reply

    Such fun details and colors! And SO many gorgeous portraits! Amazing work :)

  • Lindsey
    Posted at 11:46h, 25 June Reply

    Easily some of your best bridal portrait work. Love-love-love! The garter-toss antics were pretty priceless. Great job capturing what is undoubtedly one of the most unique wedding moments I’ve seen on your blog. Dear god, hahaha.

  • Emily
    Posted at 12:03h, 25 June Reply

    So fun! Loving your black and whites lately. Those veil pics are also super pretty.

  • jen
    Posted at 13:07h, 25 June Reply

    LOVE! I adore her dress in that tree and I love what you did with them on the dock. And seriously that bouquet catch is fantastic! I always get a kick out of those shots.

  • Brenda Enfield
    Posted at 15:47h, 25 June Reply

    What beautiful Pictures. I taught Chelsea in Kindergarten and she has grown into a beautiful woman and a beautiful bride. I love their nautical theme. Everything looked perfect. Congratulations to Chelsea and Pete.

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