Eden + Ryan | Rash Field, Baltimore Wedding

July 1, 2014 Eden + Ryan | Rash Field, Baltimore Wedding

Ryan and Eden were a late addition to the 2014 wedding line up. When my friend Cara asked me if I could photograph her brother’s small wedding on a Sunday in June, although I had technically decided not to book anything additional for the year, how could I say no? Ryan and Eden are such a sweet and special couple. They are so crazy in love and it’s really amazing to witness. These two crazy kids decided to get married before moving out to California together and leaving many of their friends and family behind. Not only was this day a celebration of their new lives together, but it was also their good bye party.

The two were married at Rash Field in Baltimore, and it was such a great spot for a wedding! I am obsessed with Eden’s GORGEOUS teal wedding dress.


I loved that they both had men and women standing with them.

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0085 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0086 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0087 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0088 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0090 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0089


eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0092 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0093

Such a good looking group of people!


I love that even Bella (the little one) got in on this shot.

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0095 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0096 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0097

The gorgeous couple!

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0098 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0099

There were lots of hilarious faces and goofy photos taken. I love it!

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0100 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0101

Obsessed with this action shot! So worth it!

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0102 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0103 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0104 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0105

Eden, you’re stunning.

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0109eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0114eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0106 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0107 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0108eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0110 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0111 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0112 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0113

After we wrapped up portraits, it was time to head to the Point in Fells for their reception! So much fun!

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0115 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0116 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0117 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0118 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0119 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0122 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0123

The cupcakes and cake were amazing. The cupcakes had cherries decorated like bombs… to match the cake topper of course.


Itchy and Scratchy! For those of you who don’t know, Itchy and Scratchy is a Tom and Jerry spin off that’s VERY violent on The Simpsons. Scratchy is the cat/groom, and itchy is the one setting up the bride made of bombs. Best cake topper ever.

eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0126  eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0124 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0127eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0120 eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0121eden-ryan-rash-field-wedding_0128

Ryan and Eden, I’m so glad I was able to be a part of your wedding day! It was such a blast and I hope you have an amazing life together on the West Coast and wherever else life may take you :)



  • Krista A. Jones
    Posted at 07:22h, 01 July Reply

    I absolutely love Eden’s dress and her hair! It looks like it was such a fun day!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:24h, 01 July Reply

    What a fun wedding! Gorgeous images! I LOVE her dress!

  • Lauren C
    Posted at 07:37h, 01 July Reply

    I’m so glad you didn’t tell them No because this is such an awesome wedding!! The colors the life that are in these photos is fantastic. LOVE that volleyball shot! So much fun! And I agree….best cake topper ever!

  • Caitlin
    Posted at 09:02h, 01 July Reply

    okay- they look like the most fun couple, ever!! i love that action shot of them playing volleyball! seriously such a cool couple.

  • Sarah
    Posted at 09:44h, 01 July Reply

    A pearl ring, you know I love that ! And the pics next to the mosaic wall look amazing with the color of her dress!!!

  • Dani
    Posted at 09:45h, 01 July Reply

    I love these and I love couples that break all traditional wedding “rules!” What at truly unique and beautiful day! I love the bridal party attire. So great!

  • Renee
    Posted at 17:51h, 01 July Reply

    What awesome images! Looks like such a fun day!

  • Fotografia Ślubna Gdańsk
    Posted at 05:28h, 08 July Reply

    I enjoyed so much watching it. A lot of fun, happy people, nice urban locations. Good job!

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