Amy + Josh | Ostertag Vistas Wedding

November 19, 2014 Amy + Josh | Ostertag Vistas Wedding

I really adore this couple. Two completely sweet high school sweethearts, who couldn’t be more perfect for each other. I cried like a baby during their first dance, and again during Amy’s dad’s speech. Their love is truly special and I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know them. Amy and Josh chose Ostertag Vistas for their perfect wedding day! I love that this gorgeous venue is dog friendly! You may remember Amy, Josh and their dog Honey from their engagement session earlier this year – and I love that Honey was there all day and such a big part of their wedding as “Dog of Honor”. There were so many special personal touches and lots of beautiful emotion, making up the perfect day for a perfect couple.

I love that Amy wore Sperry’s as her wedding shoe – so appropriate for her! She wore Sperry’s for her engagement session too! I need to get a pair. They look so comfy!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0001 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0002 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0003 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0004 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0005 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0006 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0007 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0008
Honey, the Dog of Honor!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0009 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0010
Love the puppy kisses!
While the girls were upstairs, lacing up Amy’s dress, Josh and the guys were downstairs, patiently awaiting the first look!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0012 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0013 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0014 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0015
I love them.
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0016 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0017
Family photo!
The handsome men! This was such a good group!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0020 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0021 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0022
The gorgeous ladies!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0023 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0024
I love the full bridal party photos with Honey included!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0025 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0026 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0027
Such a beautiful bride! I love her smile on the right!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0028 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0029
And her handsome groom!
I just adore everything we got!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0031 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0032 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0033 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0035 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0034 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0036 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0037 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0038
Due to the cold, the decision was made to hold the ceremony inside. What a beautiful space!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0039 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0040 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0041 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0042
Amy’s brother did a reading from Honey’s perspective.
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0043 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0044 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0045 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0046 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0047
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0048 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0049 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0050
aaaand favorite.
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0051 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0052
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0053 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0054 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0055 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0056
Just stunning, Amy!
I love all of the sweet personal touches and lovely details for this wedding! The sunglasses, sunflower seed seating chart, and warm blankets! So awesome!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0058 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0059 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0060 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0061 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0062 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0063 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0064 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0065
I cried cried cried during their first dance. I just love their love.
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0066 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0067 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0068 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0069
Dad’s speech made many of us cry.
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0070 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0071 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0072
During dinner we stole away for a couple of sunset shots!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0074 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0073
And then nearly everyone in the bridal party gave a speech!
And after the cake cutting, we kicked off the party!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0076 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0077
It was so much fun!
ostertag-vistas-wedding_0079 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0080 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0081 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0082

Amy and Josh, I’ve loved getting to know you guys and couldn’t be happier you chose me to be a part of your wedding day! You’re a truly special couple and I’m so happy I know you. xoxo, Brea

Venue: Ostertag Vistas
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Jeana Lombard
DJ: Shew-sical Entertainment
Officiant: Rev Judith Gausch
Caterer: Canapes
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal
Florist: Blossoms and Baskets
Transportation: Touch of Class



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 06:34h, 19 November Reply

    You did such a great job with these… I love all of her details and while I’m sure it was freezing, you really captured their warmth. I LOVE the dog of honor!

  • Lauren C
    Posted at 08:31h, 19 November Reply

    What a beautiful venue! I love all your wide shots. They show just how gorgeous the day was!

  • jen
    Posted at 09:26h, 20 November Reply

    So pretty! I love the night portrait of them facing each other where you can see a little of their breath in the cold night air. It really makes you feel like your outside with them. The reception venue was so pretty and rustic!

  • Andrea
    Posted at 10:31h, 20 November Reply

    I love the Dog of Honor! Such a perfect fall celebration!

  • Brooke
    Posted at 14:33h, 20 November Reply

    I love their dog of honor – SO cute!! The reception looks beautiful too – what a cool venue!! Beautiful shots!

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