Alexandria + Rick | Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding | Baltimore, MD

June 14, 2016 Alexandria + Rick | Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding | Baltimore, MD

I’m so excited to share this wedding! Alex and Rick were married this Saturday at the Frederick Douglass Maritime Museum in Baltimore. I have photographed a few weddings in Fells Point but this was my first time doing one on a pier! It was such a beautiful backdrop! There were so many things that made this wedding a dream to photograph – a beautiful couple, their special love, a killer sunset, and an awesome party. It was a great day.

Alexandria and Rick wrote the cutest “how they met” story, and I just have to share it here!

“Once upon a time in a far away place a beautiful blonde went out for a night of fun, revelry and connection with her friends. Little did she know that she would meet a handsome man who was also a thief. He stole her heart that night and still has it to this day.

They met in a place with an emerald entryway. He was in the back showing off his skill at the local games and pageantry. She was at a table, chatting it up with the other princesses. Upon completion of his games in the back, he was called forward to the grand competition arena. There, he fought many local townsfolk. In the end, he was victorious, but overwhelmed. He walked over to the beautiful maidens’ table to address a good friend of his that was sitting across from the blonde.

Upon introduction, they soon became enamored with each other. They began to compete together, first against each other, and then on the same team. In the end, after many rounds of competition, the beautiful blonde and the thief went their own way. Her with his name, he with her heart.”

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from their big day!

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Wedding Vendors
Wedding Venue: Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Museum
Getting Ready Location: Inn at the Black Olive
Wedding Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Sarah DeLauney
DJ: Jordan, District Remix
Videographer: Shawn Wehland
Officiant: John Wilsford
Bakery: Baltimore Cakery
Caterer: Sascha’s
Bridal Gown: Essence of AustraliaBetsy Robinson’s
Hair and Makeup: Sarah Goldsborough, Beyond Brides
Florist: My Flower Box Events



  • Brooke
    Posted at 02:10h, 14 June Reply

    What a stunning couple!! Their reception decor was just gorgeous and so detailed! I LOVE the sunset portraits – incredible! What a beautiful wedding; you captured their joy so well!

  • Rachel
    Posted at 09:43h, 14 June Reply

    Gorgeous! I’m not sure about the weather on your Baltimore pier that day, but the other side of the Harbor was incredibly windy. I just want to say, if you were shooting in the wind there too, you made it look so light and lovely. It was also 95 degrees and you made it look cool and easy breezy. You have such a talent for seeing what is beautiful and bringing out the best!!!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 10:41h, 14 June Reply

    I love this wedding!!!! Their story is so adorable and I love how much fun they had.

  • Emily
    Posted at 21:20h, 14 June Reply

    Wow!!! Amazeballs. Ridiculously good. These are incredible.

  • Naomi
    Posted at 10:11h, 15 June Reply

    SO gorgeous! The couple, the venue, the photographs – beautiful work!!!

  • Mary Ann Cook
    Posted at 11:32h, 17 June Reply

    It was such a gorgeous wedding. Alex was an elegant bride and they make a great couple. The pictures are great!

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