Sarah + Kareem | Boston College Engagement Session | Boston, MA

June 24, 2016 Sarah + Kareem | Boston College Engagement Session | Boston, MA

The session in today’s post is a very special one! When I first met with Sarah to talk about her wedding, she told me about how she and Kareem were doing the long distance thing, and that they had met in college up in Boston. We chatted about possible engagement session ideas, but nothing really carried much significance since they hadn’t spent much of their relationship in the Baltimore area. I suggested going up to Boston College to do the session where it all started for them, and Sarah lit up. She didn’t think it would be an option, but as soon as I suggested it, we both knew it was the right move. Thankfully Southwest flies direct from BWI for a very reasonable rate and we were able to make it happen!

When we got to the campus, I was blown away by the beauty of it. The entire campus is a dream. It felt like I was in another country with the beautiful architecture and statues. Add to the beauty the fact that this was the most significant place in their relationship thus far, and you get magic. I’m so thrilled with how these turned out and that I had the opportunity to get a little peek into their lives.

Sarah and Kareem, thanks for bringing Steve and me up to Boston for your engagement session! We had a blast hanging out with you! Can’t wait for your wedding exactly one year from today!

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