Torpedo Factory Wedding | Caitlin + Lars

Torpedo Factory wedding photo

April 27, 2017 Torpedo Factory Wedding | Caitlin + Lars

Caitlin and Lars’ Torpedo Factory wedding is the perfect way to kick off wedding season! These two are so sweet and easy-going, and I’m thrilled to have shared this important day with them.

The Couple

Caitlin and Lars met three years ago when their mutual friend (and later, bridesmaid!) Carling arranged a happy hour to introduce them. According to Caitlin and Lars, it was “love at first description!” after Carling described Caitlin as someone who “really loves to eat” and Lars as “…slightly sarcastic, likes to binge watch Netflix.” Their first date slurping down ramen was a success, and after Lars returned from his then upcoming trip to El Salvador, they became inseparable, traveling across the globe, across the country and even–you guessed it–across the sofa during those Netflix binge sessions.

It was fitting then when Lars decided to give up his independence on the Fourth of July, 2016 and ask Caitlin to marry him. After making Caitlin hike five miles in a surprise rainstorm, Lars got down on one knee at the top of a mountain in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, where they celebrated with champagne. I love the mix of adventure and easygoing-ness that Caitlin and Lars have together.

The Wedding

The Torpedo Factory made a unique backdrop for Caitlin and Lars, perfectly suiting their fun but mellow wedding. Caitlin looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved her classy dress. Their whole day was a perfect reflection of what mattered to them–the people! Caitlin and Lars made a special effort to focus on family and friends, and it showed. The night was chock full of touching moments and fits of laughter. Congratulations, Caitlin and Lars! And especially to Lars, for finally finding his “real girl.”

Torpedo Factory Wedding Photos

caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1077 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1079 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1080 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1082 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1081 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1085 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1083 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1086 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1087 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1089 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1090 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1092 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1091 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1093 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1094 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1095 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1096 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1097 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1098 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1099 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1101 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1100 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1103 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1102 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1104 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1110 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1111 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1109 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1105 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1108 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1113 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1112 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1115 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1114 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1116 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1117 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1118 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1119 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1121 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1122 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1123 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1124 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1127 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1125 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1126 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1129 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1128 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1130 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1131 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1132 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1133 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1135 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1136 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1137 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1138 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1139 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1140 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1141 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1144 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1143 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1145 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1142 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1146 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1147 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1148 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1149 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1153 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1151 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1155 caitlin-lars-torpedo-factory-wedding_1150


Venue: Torpedo Factory Art Center
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jim Heine
Photography Assistant: Jeana Curley
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Brielle Davis, Brielle Davis Events
DJ/Band: Frank Marsden, Friendly Entertainment
Caterer: Main Event Caterers
Bridal Shop: bhldn
Hair Stylist: Rachel Branger
Makeup Artist: Jackie Davidson, Beauty by Jackie
Florist: Wegmans
Wedding Stationery: Etsy, Vistaprint



  • Christa Rae
    Posted at 00:11h, 27 April Reply

    OMG Brea! This wedding is stunning and I love how you captured everything!! So many cute moment between the bride and groom and I LOVE her dress!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 09:10h, 27 April Reply

    Everything is so lovely! You captured their day perfectly!

  • Emily
    Posted at 12:43h, 27 April Reply

    You did it again! Way to be awesomely creative in what is kind of a tough space photo-wise. These are brilliant! Can’t wait to see what you do this wedding season.

  • Allycia
    Posted at 17:29h, 27 April Reply

    The groomsmen “getting ready” pictures are to die for!! Hysterical!

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