Winter Belvedere Wedding | Baltimore, MD | Dani + Bryce

January 3, 2018 Winter Belvedere Wedding | Baltimore, MD | Dani + Bryce

Danielle and Bryce’s winter Belvedere wedding in Baltimore was everything I wanted for them and more. I’m so excited to share some of my favorites on the blog today!

The Couple

I absolutely love these two and their amazing story! As told by the bride, their love story is shared below, and if you’ve seen their engagement session previously, you’ll have seen the book referenced in this!

“Dani and Bryce met in 2008 at the ripe, young age of 15 in their 10th grade Honors English class in Bel Air, Maryland (that location is important later in the story). One could say it was the classic story of boy meets girl: girl drops pencil; boy turns around to pick it up; their eyes meet; they smile at one another; their hearts skip a beat; time stops…

…except ultimately, it was more like this: girl notices cute new boy from Texas in class; girl wants cute new boy to notice her; girl decides to “accidentally drop” [read: purposefully toss] her pencil by cute new boy’s desk so he might pick it up and give her an excuse to spark conversation; girl smiles mischievously because her plan worked.

Several pencil drops later, Dani and Bryce found that their whole worlds were about to change. Their young, innocent infatuation would soon transform into a true friendship between kindred spirits and then eventually blossom into a beautiful relationship, which officially began in 2011 and continued through their college years and beyond. Dani and Bryce survived being in different states during college—Bryce in Massachusetts at Amherst College and Dani in Maryland at The University of Maryland, College Park. The rest, they say, is history!

On Christmas Eve 2016, nearly six wonderful years later, Bryce, knowing her love of books and love stories, surprised Dani at her favorite restaurant (Busboys and Poets) with a self-authored book chronicling their love story, entitled “The Prince of Bel Air, A Love Story by Bryce Monroe.” Dani read each page, and as she turned the page to “Chapter VI: Happily Ever After,” he dropped down on one knee while she read the words “Will You Marry Me? I cannot wait to write our story with you,” and Dani said yes!”

The Wedding

Bryce and Dani’s wedding being my last wedding of the year was the best possible note to go out on. I knew it was going to be an amazing day emotionally – these two are so in love and truly admire and cherish each other. The way Bryce looks at and speaks of Dani is something most women only dream of – he knows that he has an amazing woman. They’re also both performers – Dani a dancer, and Bryce a multi-talented actor/singer/dancer and more. It was the perfect recipe for an emotional and beautiful day complete with one hell of a party. I had high expectations… and they were exceeded.

Some of my favorite moments from this day are when Dani and her girls had an impromptu dance routine to Tina Turner while getting ready (you know you’re in for a good party when…), Danielle’s dad seeing her for the first time, the multitude of Hamilton references, Bryce and his mom breaking it down during the mother/son dance, Bryce and the groomsmen’s a capella and dance medley… I could keep going. 2017 was an amazing year for weddings for us, and this was the best way to close it out.

Danielle and Bryce, I adore you two completely and I couldn’t be happier you chose me to capture your special day. Without further ado, here are just a few of my favorites from their wedding!

Winter Belvedere Wedding Photos

dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0026 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0025 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0027 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0028 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0029 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0030 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0031 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0032 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0033 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0034 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0035 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0036 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0037 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0038 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0039dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0040dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0041 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0042 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0044 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0045 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0046 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0043 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0047 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0048 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0049 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0050 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0051 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0052 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0053 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0058 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0056 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0059 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0057 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0060 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0061 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0062 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0063 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0065 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0066 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0067 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0068 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0069 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0070 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0071 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0072 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0073 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0074 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0076 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0077 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0078 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0079dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0082 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0081 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0084 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0085 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0086 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0083 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0087 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0055 dani-bryce-winter-belvedere-baltimore-wedding-photos_0054

Winter Belvedere Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Belvedere
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Tommy Wagner
DJ: Anthony Simpson, My DeeJay
Videographer: Gene DiPaula, In Motion
Officiant: Luke Erickson, Pastor, Mountain Christian Church
Bakery: Sugarbakers
Caterer: Truffles Catering
Essense of Australia
Bridal Shop: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection
Hair & Makeup: Melissa Mangrum, Melissa Mangrum & Co.
Florist: Ann’s Garden
Transportation: American Limousines and ZBest Worldwide
Wedding Stationery:



  • Leverne Randol
    Posted at 19:02h, 03 January Reply

    Words cannot express how much we (the bride’s grandmother and grandfather) love your work. Thank you so much for capturing so many heartfelt moments. You definitely captured the fun we all had. Looking forward to all of the photos. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

  • Heather & Bryan Randol
    Posted at 10:11h, 04 January Reply

    WOW! Brea, your photography skills are extraordinary! We literally just relived this unforgettable evening thru your lens!!! Thank you so much, from the bride’s aunt & uncle, for capturing such joyous and heartfelt moments of Danielle & Bryce’s special day! We cannot wait to indulge in the remaining pictures! We have shared your blog and are highly recommending you!!! XoXo

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