Lauren + Greg | Sherwood Gardens Engagement Session

May 1, 2014 Lauren + Greg | Sherwood Gardens Engagement Session

I am so excited about how this session turned out. Lauren and I were texting all day on Monday trying to make the call as to whether we would shoot or not. There was a threat of rain and it looked like it might rain out our plans. I checked the forecast and it said a 0% chance of rain until 7:00 pm, so we bumped their session up to 4:30 in hopes to beat the rain. On the way there I started to notice rain drops hitting the windshield. I hoped that it would pass quickly but it didn’t. Thankfully it wasn’t too heavy and we continued on anyway! I love that it rained literally the entire time we were together for this session and you can’t even tell. Sherwood gardens is so beautiful and bright and colorful this time of year, that even on a dreary rainy day it’s the perfect backdrop!

I am so grateful that Lauren and Greg were such troopers despite the drizzle! Not to mention, complete and total pros! We were about 3 poses in and they started doing their thing with no direction, I was super impressed!

Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0120 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0121 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0122 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0123LOVE this one!Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0124 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0125 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0126 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0127Yep, didn’t direct them at all here. Did I mention that they are pros?Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0128 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0129 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0130 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0131I have a hilarious outtake from this section where Lauren just looked at me like I had two heads because she didn’t hear what I said right. Haha. I will keep that one for their private gallery ;)Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0132 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0133 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0134 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0135And to wrap up the post – some photos of Lauren’s incredible ring!Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0136Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0138 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0139 Lauren_Greg_Sherwood_0140

Lauren and Greg, thanks so much for being troopers and hanging out with me on Monday despite the rain! I can’t wait for your wedding in June!



  • Caitlin
    Posted at 08:41h, 01 May Reply

    ahh such a cute couple! love all the color from the blossoming trees.

  • ashley barnett
    Posted at 08:56h, 01 May Reply

    They are so cute – and what troopers for shooting in the rain! It made everything even more romantic!

  • Kathy
    Posted at 10:26h, 01 May Reply

    You’re rocking those ring shots! Such a sweet couple – you’re right – they do look completely natural in front of the camera!

  • Dani
    Posted at 11:34h, 01 May Reply

    I love the ring on the tulips!!! So gorgeous! Love everything about this session – they wore great colors that pop against the gorgeous trees, and they look so happy!! Despite the rain, which you would never know! :-) Awesome session, chica!!

  • Kelly Ewell
    Posted at 12:31h, 01 May Reply

    I love the way these images are so colorful and happy. And you’re right, you can’t even tell it was raining!

  • Michael and Carina
    Posted at 13:30h, 01 May Reply

    Wow, lovely work!

  • Laura
    Posted at 16:58h, 01 May Reply

    Beautiful session and I love all of the colors!

  • tPoz
    Posted at 23:43h, 01 May Reply

    beautiful!! such a sweet session & I love when you don’t have to do much posing!! You totally can’t tell it was raining either!

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