Kasi + Ryan | ThorpeWood Wedding

April 30, 2014 Kasi + Ryan | ThorpeWood Wedding

I have really been looking forward to Kasi and Ryan’s wedding since my first meeting with them. They are so fun and hilarious and I love to be around them. They also picked what is quite possibly the most gorgeous wedding venue ever. Combine these two and you get a wedding that I dreamed about for weeks. What’s crazy about ThorpeWood is that even this early in spring where the majority of the trees are still bare, it’s still stunningly beautiful. I couldn’t be more excited about Kasi + Ryan’s portraits from all over the ThorpeWood grounds.

Every little detail was flawlessly executed and perfectly them. From the beautiful rustic tables, burlap runners, and bright, beautiful flowers to their matchbox wedding favors (since they met on Match.com)- every little touch fit their rustic wedding theme, and had personal meaning. Kasi and Ryan have a beautiful relationship and their wedding was the perfect reflection of that.

What started as a bribe from Kasi’s best friend to try online dating, ended as the love of a lifetime. Congratulations to Ryan and Kasi – and may your marriage always be as beautiful as its first day.

Thanks to Jennifer Smutek for second shooting and being the peanut butter to my jelly. Also thanks to my intern Valerie for helping out and making sure I didn’t lose my keys or forget my bag in the woods.

The ThorpeWood lodge has so much charm. The upstairs of the lodge is just absolutely breathtaking, and the downstairs has this adorable and fun mural.

Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0038Kasi’s dress was absolutely stunning. Just wait until you see it on her!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0039 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0040Kasi’s ring remains to be one of my favorite rings to photograph. Actually, the ring shot from their engagement session was one of the finalists in a photo competition I submitted it to this winter with over 26,000 submissions!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0041 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0042 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0043Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0044Kasi and Ryan wrote each other heartfelt pre-wedding messages. Ryan specified that they must write these in cursive. He spent over 2 hours working on his, and included all of the outtakes in the envelope to Kasi. Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0045 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0046 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0047Kasi’s sister and best friend were her matrons of honor. They picked their own dresses and I LOVE the ones they picked and how great they look together!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0048The florals from An Elegant Affair are so fun and bright!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0049Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0050 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0051Isn’t Mr. Trey the cutest? I love this kid.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0052Kasi and Ryan’s ceremony took place at the Pine Cathedral on ThorpeWood’s property. I had heard that it was beautiful, and it did not disappoint!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0053 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0054 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0055 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0056Prior to the ceremony, Trey got a ring bearer pep talk from his daddy. He was a little shy, but he did a great job!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0057 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0058 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0059 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0060 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0061Isn’t this place incredible?Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0062 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0063 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0064Buddy!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0065 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0066 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0067Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0068I love these photos of Kasi and Ryan praying together and taking communion during their ceremony. Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0069 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0070 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0071Married!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0072We made quick work of family photos and a few full bridal party shots…Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0073Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0074…and then we were off to explore the grounds for their portraits.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0075We started at the lake and worked our way back. There was a threat of rain during the hours that we would be photographing both the ceremony and portraits, and yet we ended up with perfect weather, and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0076I just love this one!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0077 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0078 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0079Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0080HUGE thanks to Jen for grabbing this amazing wide shot! Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0081We headed in the barn for a few and I am obsessed with the dramatic window light.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0082 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0083And then we headed to the arboretum for some flowers and early spring color.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0084While at the arboretum, the craziest thing happened. It started to rain. It didn’t rain for any more than 30 seconds and the sun was out while it did. You can see the rain drops in this photo as well as the super amazing sunlit back light! Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0085But it went away as quickly as it came.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0086 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0087 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0088I love these shots of Kasi – she looked amazing and I LOVE her dress!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0089 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0090 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0091Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0092kasi-ryan-thorpewood_0142Kasi made the most gorgeous bride!kasi-ryan-thorpewood_0143 kasi-ryan-thorpewood_0144I love love love their decorations and the gorgeous ThorpeWood lodge! The centerpieces were made by Ryan and Kasi!Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0096 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0097Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0098 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0099 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0100 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0101 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0102kasi-ryan-thorpewood_0145After a delicious dinner and a round of very touching speeches, the group headed downstairs for the dancing portion of the evening, kicked off by Ryan and Kasi’s first dance.Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0103Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0104 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0105 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0106 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0107And then it was party time! It was an absolute blast! Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0108 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0109Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0110 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0111 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0112 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0113 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0114 Kasi-Ryan-Thorpewood_0115

Congratulations Kasi and Ryan! I hope you guys are having an incredible time on your honeymoon and I wish you all the best!

Venue: ThorpeWood
Photographer: Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek Photography
DJ: Shew-sical Entertainment
Catering: Canapes
Florist: An Elegant Affair
Hair and Makeup: Jamie Hichew from Image Is… Salon
Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal



  • Natalie
    Posted at 08:04h, 30 April Reply

    Such a beautiful wedding day! Wow! Gorgeous bride & groom, lovely details… So romantic!!

  • Kathy
    Posted at 08:16h, 30 April Reply

    So many things to love about this wedding! You nailed the details! :D Beautiful!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 08:24h, 30 April Reply

    Yay!!! This wedding was so much fun! Beautiful couple, beautiful venue, beautiful day… everything was awesome. I’m so glad I was able to take part. I love being the peanut butter to your jelly! You are always a blast to work with!

  • Caitlin
    Posted at 09:39h, 30 April Reply

    love this wedding! that last shot of them on the couch is so perfect!

  • Nastja
    Posted at 09:53h, 30 April Reply

    Gorgeous! :) Looks like a fun wedding. :)

  • Melissa Morton
    Posted at 09:54h, 30 April Reply

    WOW! The backdrops at that venue are ahhhhhhmazzingg!!! Love the rain drop one, holy smokes! Just a gorgeous wedding, great job!

  • Lindsay
    Posted at 15:42h, 30 April Reply


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