Ali + Matt | Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

October 20, 2014 Ali + Matt | Elkridge Furnace Inn Wedding

This year I spent my anniversary with this sweet couple, celebrating their entry to the 10/10 anniversary club! The best part about this post is that 90% of the outdoor photos were taken when it was raining, and you can’t even tell. Despite the drizzle, Ali and Matt still insisted on doing all of their photos outside, including their outdoor ceremony. And luckily enough, as soon as they prepared to walk down the aisle, the clouds parted and the rain went away. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of such a beautiful day for an incredible couple!

I started my day off with Ali at the Hilton Garden Inn near BWI where she did hair and makeup!

elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0063 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0066elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0065

I just love all of Ali’s jewelry! She wanted to wear statement jewelry while still looking bridal. Mission accomplished!

elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0064elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0067 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0068 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0069 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0070 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0072 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0073 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0074 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0075 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0076 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0077 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0079 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0080

So beautiful!


While I was with Ali upstairs in the bridal suite, Jen was with Matt and the guys!

elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0081 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0082

LOVE their first look!

elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0083 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0084 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0085 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0086 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0087 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0088 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0089

“Check out the back! … Yeahh!”


I just love when couples choose to do a first look, especially on days with less than ideal weather, it gives you so much more time to work around the weather and get the photos you really want!


Such a beautiful couple!

elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0092 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0093 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0094


elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0095 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0096 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0097 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0098 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0099

One of the few shots where you can see the rain.


I just love Ali’s smile!




Ali made the most beautiful bride!


Such a great group of guys! They gave us a bit of a hard time at times, but they were awesome ;)

Such beautiful ladies!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0106 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0107 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0108
Cutest flower girl ever? Probably!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0110 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0111 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0112 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0113elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0114 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0120
I just love that Ali chose to be walked down the aisle by both her dad and step-dad.
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0115 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0122 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0121 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0123
Rev. Laura Cannon gave the most beautiful and unique ceremony. Maybe I was just especially emotional since it was my anniversary, but I cried my whole way through!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0124 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0125 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0126
I love the hug post-kiss!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0127 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0128 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0129 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0130 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0131 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0132
How awesome is the combo of fall decor and florals? So pretty!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0116 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0117 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0118 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0119
This picture just says everything. Haha.
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0133 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0134
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0135 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0136 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0137 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0138 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0139
The party was an absolute blast! Their friends and family are so much fun!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0140 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0141elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0142
Before heading out for the night we were able to get some night shots- and I LOVE how they turned out!
elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0143 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0144 elkridge-furnace-inn-wedding_0145
Ali and Matt!
I just adore you guys and I’m so happy you found me! I couldn’t imagine a better couple to spend my anniversary with and I’m so happy to welcome you to the 10/10 club! I hope Aruba was amazing and I can’t wait to see you and hear all about it!

Venue: The Elkridge Furnace Inn
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek
DJ: Koko Bros
Officiant: Laura Cannon
Bakery: Touche Touchet
Bridal gown: Mikaella, from Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection
Florals: Eve Thompson, Flowers by Eden
Invitations: Minted
Transportation: Bowens Bus Service



  • Dani
    Posted at 07:02h, 20 October Reply

    These are gorgeous!! Ali’s smile is contagious and they are both glowing of happiness. I love all the details from getting ready and her flowers. It all looks so perfect!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 07:12h, 20 October Reply

    I love these two! They had such a fun day and you captured it perfectly!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:53h, 20 October Reply

    Such a beautiful wedding! I love the way you captured their ceremony… Gorgeous!

  • Jen
    Posted at 08:32h, 20 October Reply

    Everything about this wedding just POPS! It’s gorgeous. I love the colors she chose against the lush green. And his face as he is waiting for during their first look, so sweet! Beautiful, Brea, just beautiful!

  • Emily
    Posted at 08:42h, 20 October Reply

    Way to rock that rainy day! So glad they were troopers because it made for some really pretty pictures! The ceremony shots are my faves.

  • Christa Rae
    Posted at 10:16h, 20 October Reply

    What a beautiful couple and this venue is gorgeous! The photos on the bridge are my favorite!

  • Renee
    Posted at 11:22h, 20 October Reply

    Brea! I just love this wedding + I loved running into you this weekend! This color palette is beautiful and those reception images are so fun!!!

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