Annie + Chris | American Visionary Art Museum Wedding

April 21, 2015 Annie + Chris | American Visionary Art Museum Wedding

I’m so excited to share this post today! Annie and Chris left immediately after their wedding to honeymoon in sunny and beautiful Aruba! They’re back in town and now we get to relive their amazing wedding day! I feel so honored to have been a part of such a beautiful day for two truly incredible people. It was so beautiful, so emotional, and so, so much fun. Annie, Chris, and all of their friends are such awesome, fun and down to earth people, and spending the day with them was such a blast! Every single part of this wedding reflected their personalities and their love perfectly, and I’m so happy that they chose me to capture it!

I started my day off at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court Baltimore Hotel where both Annie and Chris got ready! They had just finished their remodel so this stairwell looks a little different than the last time I photographed here!

Annie’s dress was so pretty! I love the lace top and the sash she chose to pair with it!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0928 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0929
Their color scheme was a beautiful bold blue with pops of yellow! The florals by Ellen with Local Color Flower were perfect against the girls’ blue dresses!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0930 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0931
I just love how Annie’s hair was styled!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0932 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0933 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0934
So gorgeous!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0935 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0936
Seriously, everything about her bridal look was just stunning and so perfectly Annie.
Annie and Chris exchanged cards before their first look – Chris’ card to Annie was accompanied  by her favorite flower, sunflowers. I also love that the front of the card says “We go together like zombies and brains.” Did I mention that these are my kind of people? I just kept telling myself this all day long.
Annie’s gift to Chris was a monogrammed handkerchief with their wedding date and colors!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0939 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0940 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0941
Her card to Chris was also super cute!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0942 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0943
Such a great group of guys! I love that Chris wore a blue suit and the groomsmen wore grey. It looked great!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0944 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0945 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0946
Their first look was the absolute sweetest!!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0947 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0948 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0949
It was super windy and bright on Federal Hill but this group was awesome and hung in there!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0950 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0951 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0952 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0953
LOVE the bright yellow flowers!
Love these!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0955 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0956 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0958
Seriously Annie, so beautiful!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0959 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0960
I always love photographing inside the museum at AVAM! The love balloon is such a cool spot.
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0961 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0964 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0963annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0965
Their ceremony was set up outside the Sculpture Barn facing the galaxy egg!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0966 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0967 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0968 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0969
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0972 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0973
Their vows were so beautiful and I definitely got a little teary behind my camera!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0974 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0975 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0976 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0977
After the ceremony we were able to get some more portraits around the AVAM grounds and they still had time to greet their guests for the majority of cocktail hour! I’m so glad we got some more portrait time because I absolutely love these remaining outdoor shots!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0978 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0979 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0980
LOVE this one!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0981 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0982 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0983
I just love this one on the left of Annie!
Such a handsome groom!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0985 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0986 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0987 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0988
The reception was held in the Sculpture Barn at AVAM – and I love love love love love what they did with the tables. Each seat had a chalkboard placemat with different prompts written. Each table had a bucket of sidewalk chalk, and people were able to draw, doodle, write whatever they wanted! It was so fun going around and seeing how they all turned out throughout the night!

annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0989 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0990 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0991 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0992
Also, if there wasn’t enough proof that these guys are amazing – Fractured Prune donuts as their wedding favors! AND they donated to BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter). Donuts and rescue animals? My two favorite things!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0999 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0993 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0994
The toasts were sweet and hilarious! All three bridesmaids and all three groomsmen spoke and it just showed how awesome and how loved these two are.
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0995 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0996
The party was a complete blast, with the most awesome must-play list put together by Annie and Chris – they had some awesome obscure songs on there, but they knew their audience well – everyone was on the dance floor singing every word! It was SO much fun!
annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0997 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_0998 annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_1000annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_1001annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_1004annie-chris-american-visionary-art-museum-wedding_1002

Annie and Chris, I’m so glad you guys found me and that I was able to be a part of your amazing day. You’re such a special couple and I’m so happy I know you! I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it!

Venue: American Visionary Art Museum
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Jeana Lombard
DJ: Carl Brashears, Classic DJs
Officiant: Dawn Musgrave, friend of the couple
Caterer: The Pantry
Bakery: Graul’s Market
Florist: Local Color Flowers
Makeup: Allison Pecore
Hair: Candace Parrish
Transportation: Z Best
Wedding Stationery: LaneLoveDesign
Boutonnières & Hair Accessories: TheHeadbandShoppe
Sash: Icing 101



  • Dani
    Posted at 07:33h, 21 April Reply

    So much to love about this wedding!! Like the we go together like…zombies and brains!! Hysterical. Gorgeous details as always and I love all the night shots!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:34h, 21 April Reply

    Such an iconic Baltimore Wedding! Beautiful work, Brea!

  • Lauren Swann
    Posted at 08:18h, 21 April Reply

    These are so sweet, Brea!!! I love all of their fun details and the location made a perfect spot for a gorgeous Baltimore wedding!!

  • Renee
    Posted at 08:44h, 21 April Reply

    So amazing! I love the way you captured so many pretty details and that LOVE shot…. gorgeous. You’re a night-time master!

  • Lauren C
    Posted at 09:31h, 21 April Reply

    I love the yellow against the blue….so pretty!! And girl, great job in the bright sun before the ceremony!!
    P.S. – Zombies and brains – love this couple!!

  • Marisa
    Posted at 10:26h, 21 April Reply

    What a perfect Baltimore wedding! I love the detail images and moments you captured while the bride was getting ready.

  • Anna A
    Posted at 11:04h, 21 April Reply

    What a neat wedding! I would have loved to be a guest to this one! I love the shots on fed hill and the shots by the curved mirror wall! So pretty!

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