2016 Shenanigans | Behind the Scenes

January 23, 2017 2016 Shenanigans | Behind the Scenes

This post is long overdue. But all for really awesome reasons – like a trip to Australia and Hawaii in December, holidays spent with the people we love, the weddings of three wonderful couples, and then a quick trip to Vermont to snowboard and visit family. So sorry, but also kind of not sorry for the delay. It was nice to take a little breather and some time to relax after an amazing year with 41 weddings and 51 portrait sessions! In 2016 we stayed local, but photographed all around Maryland, DC, Philadelphia. I photographed the weddings of friends, friends who felt like family, and clients turned life long friends. There are loads of wonderful moments and beautiful photos –  but those are for a different post. This one is for all of the shenanigans throughout the year. Also, since I waited so long, I’m going to include some of the behind the scenes shots from the first few weddings of the year too – since they feel (to me) like they’re still a part of this wedding season that just ended :)

I’m so thankful for this awesome job, friends and clients who make work feel less like work and who let us into their lives to do this amazing thing.

The following photos may make it look like we have too much fun at work.

We probably do.

2016 Behind the Scenes Shenanigans

Almost all of these photos are from various parts of the wedding day where we need to test our light – and who better to do that with than each other?



Jeana, my wonderful assistant and pack mule – according to a lovely DJ we worked with this year.


Jeana gets all of the coolest test shots.

bts-bybrea-2016_0337 bts-bybrea-2016_0341

Sometimes she gets Jordan in on the fun.

bts-bybrea-2016_0344 bts-bybrea-2016_0347

We snuggle together on cold wedding days.

bts-bybrea-2016_0353Just casually showing off the guns.


I love this shot Jim got of us photographing the couple during sunset!


I post only the most flattering photos of myself.bts-bybrea-2016_0364

These guys.

bts-bybrea-2016_0348 bts-bybrea-2016_0342 bts-bybrea-2016_0336

Oh hey, I got one with Jordan!

bts-bybrea-2016_0346 bts-bybrea-2016_0345

Jeana trying to get my attention for something.


Jeana light testing in my favorite venue ever.

bts-bybrea-2016_0338 bts-bybrea-2016_0343



Practicing for the first dance.

bts-bybrea-2016_0358Sometimes I just sit in the grass.


And take photos of Jen in the pews.


Jeana rocking the Jordan brow raise.



bts-bybrea-2016_0368 bts-bybrea-2016_0370

The more impressive angle is from where I’m shooting. There’s a pretty sunset aaaaaaaaand a giant parking lot behind them.


We work with videographers sometimes.

bts-bybrea-2016_0373Like I said, only the most flattering photos of myself.


We steam shirts. Hi Teri!!


We work with videographers who are former students! (Shawn has been killing it as a videographer the last few years!)


Though beware, he may bite.bts-bybrea-2016_0384 bts-bybrea-2016_0382

We make our own light.


Or we shoot in awesome natural light.


This is how I feel about lighting tests.


This is how Kim and Jeff feel about lighting tests.


This is how Jen feels about overexposed lighting tests.


And Sarah about engagement session lighting tests.


Speaking of Sarah, she gets put in all sorts of strange scenarios.

bts-bybrea-2016_0394 bts-bybrea-2016_0395 bts-bybrea-2016_0399 bts-bybrea-2016_0398 bts-bybrea-2016_0397

I am so thankful for Sarah being a part of most of my engagement sessions this year! I don’t know what I’d do without her.


When the engagement session is for Jeana (!!!!!) Steve (my husband) comes along for the assist.


He was having a little too much fun with the Atmosphere Aerosol.


Speaking of, Jeana got married this year!! And still did the dress thing for her own wedding :)

silhouettes_0413 silhouettes_0414

And she pack muled some more at other weddings (not her own, obviously). The shot on the right is from Jeana walking down the hallway to grab the couple to go out for sunset shots around the harbor. When I saw her walk down there, I noticed how nicely she was framed and silhouetted in that spot. It lead to the following shot below.


I take more flattering selfie test shots.


Jeana looks slightly scared of cake.


Jen kills it at the photo bomb.


I photographed a wedding with SIX COUPLES I’ve photographed in attendance. (Well, five and a half, since Ryan couldn’t make it).

Weddings for each can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.


Kirsten looked lovely and classy when she helped me for Jenna and John’s wedding.

silhouettes_0420 silhouettes_0421

Jeana doing more dress things.


Sarah doing dress things.


Me testing my light with the wrong flash on.


That time a guest thought it was hilarious that he and Farid were wearing the same outfit. Kind of.


Bathroom lighting tests. The bride is off to my left.


Us listening to Chris and his awesome/awful puns.


It was time for an unflattering photo of Jeana. Sorry Jean Bean.


We chimp.


We review timelines.


Jim selfies.


And then he captures my favorite photo of me working ever. I LOVE how happy we all look here!


Coordinating the big reveal of the bride to her bridesmaids.


Apparently I said or did something funny.

silhouettes_0438Cara bundled up in Jeana’s scarf.

Ceremony light tests.

silhouettes_0440Jim selfies with his Best Friend Mike.


Photos with friends!! Taken by a friend! Hi Jason! Hi Shannon!


Sandy makes awesome faces, and I sometimes attend vendor parties with friends.


I face plant.


And to end this wonderful post right – Jen in gif form.

This is the best job ever. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for another year. :)



  • Tara
    Posted at 09:37h, 23 January Reply

    These are so so fun!! Love all of them and it definitely shows how much fun you have doing your job :)

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 09:55h, 23 January Reply

    I love my job!

  • Brandon
    Posted at 09:59h, 23 January Reply

    It’s super fun to see the behind the scenes of what you do.

  • Sarah Wockenfuss
    Posted at 10:48h, 23 January Reply

    These behind the scenes photos are so much fun! The gif is hilarious!! I hope you have a wonderful 2017!

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