Intimate Vandiver Inn Wedding | Havre de Grace, MD | Jamie + Bob

Intimate Vandiver Inn wedding photo

June 8, 2017 Intimate Vandiver Inn Wedding | Havre de Grace, MD | Jamie + Bob

Jamie and Bob’s intimate Vandiver Inn wedding perfectly captured what these two value most: each other and their beautiful family.

The Couple

Bob and Jamie both work for the Fire Department and had known each other for several years before circumstances brought them closer. Over time working on a couple of fires together, they became better friends. After Jamie suffered an injury on the job, Bob spent more time taking care of her and her kids while she recovered. That was when they realized how much they not only had in common, but also enjoyed being around each other. They joked that the department couldn’t handle a dynamic husband-wife duo of captains if they got married. Bob solved that problem by earning a promotion and asked Jamie to marry him. The following year, they decided to bring their family together.

The Wedding

Having a small, personal ceremony, Jamie and Bob brought the people closest to them to celebrate the official joining of their families. Jamie was positively radiant, and you couldn’t help but love seeing the affection between her and Bob. With their kids as a main focus in their lives, it was fitting that they were a main focus on their parents’ big day. They made my day too! It was so much fun seeing them lend a hand and have a blast dancing. Their smiles projected right onto all of the adults and brought a little extra light to the festivities. I always appreciate how genuine kids are with their emotions in the moment. Everyone was in good spirits and found joy in being together. The perfect celebration for Jamie and Bob!

Intimate Vandiver Inn Wedding Photos

jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1179 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1180 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1181 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1182 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1183 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1184 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1185 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1186 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1187 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1188 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1189 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1190 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1191 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1192 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1193 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1194 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1195 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1196 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1197 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1198 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1199 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1200 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1201 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1202 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1203 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1204jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1207 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1208 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1209 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1210 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1211jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1213 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1214 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1215 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1216 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1217 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1218jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1220 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1221 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1222 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1223 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1224 jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1225jamie-bob-vandiver-inn-wedding_1227

Intimate Vandiver Inn Wedding Vendors

Venue: Vandiver Inn
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Tommy Wagner
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Liz Lange
DJ/Band: Tomi Butler
Officiant: Chad Koepf
Bakery: Desserts by Rita
Caterer: Vandiver
Bridal Shop: David’s Bridal
Hair Stylist: Cassandra Hess
Makeup Artist: Cassandra Hess
Florist: Forget Me Not
Rentals/Linens: Vandiver



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 08:46h, 08 June Reply

    I love her ring! It looks like their day was full of tons of fun. I love seeing a wedding day with a kid’s perspective- fun, tiring, silly. Awesome.

  • Brooke
    Posted at 11:14h, 08 June Reply

    The story of how these two met is so sweet! I love the photos by the lighthouse and the water – gorgeous! And those rings are STUNNING! Congratulations!!

  • Christa Rae
    Posted at 13:43h, 08 June Reply

    Her little girl is so cute!! I agree with Jennifer that this is very cool to see the wedding day from a kid’s perspective. I love their portraits by the lighthouse so much!

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