Turf Valley Wedding Photos | Ellicott City, MD | Asha + Mike

Turf Valley wedding photo

June 22, 2017 Turf Valley Wedding Photos | Ellicott City, MD | Asha + Mike

Asha and Mike’s Turf Valley wedding was rich with emotion and color. The beautiful combination of ceremony and fun made for an especially perfect day.

The Couple

Asha and Mike met around six years ago when Asha was interning with her father over the summer. She was working in multimedia and Mike was over in engineering. Mike would stop by each day to make conversation with Asha’s boss and say hello to her. On her last day, Asha found out Mike had only started paying any attention to her boss once she started working there, and the pieces started to fall into place. A year later, they reconnected, and they’ve been together ever since.

One story that sticks out in Mike’s mind involves a vending machine, here it is as told by Asha: “His soda got stuck in the machine one day at work and he couldn’t get it out. He mentioned it when stopping by my boss’ desk. I decided to go the machine and put the soda on his desk while he wasn’t there” Mike couldn’t believe that she got it out. “Apparently that was a bigger deal for him than for me since he’s an engineer and he was overthinking the mechanics of the machine.”

The Wedding

This Turf Valley wedding was vivid and alive with color and smiles. Asha’s beaming expression barely left her face all day. The serenity of the ceremony at Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez Church gave way to a vibrant reception full of some of the best dancing you’ve ever seen. It was impossible not to get sucked in. I have to shout out to Jamie and Aimee, the bride’s cousins, for being AMAZING and helping me out. It was great having them by my side and making me feel even more a part of the festivities. Thank you, Asha and Mike, for letting me capture these beautiful moments!

Turf Valley Wedding Photos

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Turf Valley Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez Church
Reception Venue: Turf Valley
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Tommy Wagner
Photography Assistant: Jeana Curley
DJ/Band: Dance Masters Entertainment
Videographer: Just Hitched Wedding Films
Officiant: Father Canisius Tah
Bakery: Debi’s Cake Studio
Caterer:Turf Valley
Bridal Gown Designer: Casablanca Bridal
Bridal Shop: Gamberdella
Hair Stylist: Up Do’s For I Do’s
Makeup Artist: Up Do’s For I Do’s
Florist: Radebaugh’s Florist
Rentals: Party Plus
Transportation: Limousines, Inc.
Wedding Stationery: Bride




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