Maria + Joe | Baltimore Wedding Photography

July 26, 2017 Maria + Joe | Baltimore Wedding Photography

Joe and Maria’s wedding was exactly as they had told me they wanted it to be, fun, comfortable, and full of love.

The Couple

From the bride: “We met at work- we were instantly very comfortable with each other.  We decided to take a trip to Aruba when we were dating and that when we knew this was going to be a very serious relationship. On that trip we danced barefoot on the beach to our song- Elton John’s “Your Song.”  It was one hell of a perfect night!  Joe took me back to Aruba in March of this year.  Same place, same beach and same excitement in our bellies- but a much deeper bond and love.  On our first night he took me back to that same beach- we had a private table in the corner.  Perfect weather and perfect staff.  Before I knew it the live Saxophone player was playing “Your Song.”  I shrieked because it was OUR SONG.  Joe got up and asked me to dance.  Memories from 2.5 years prior came flooding back.  Before I knew it he was down on one knee and the entire restaurant was clapping and crying.  He reminded me on our engagement night that he knew from that trip to Aruba that we would be back and that is the place he would be proposing.  Not a care in the world.  People tell us all the time when we are together we are in our own little world.  Well we certainly were that night and the joy has been boundless ever since.  We are so excited to share our lives together forever.  He had asked each of my three children for permission and they all said yes.  My daughter face timed us when were in Aruba in March and said…. .”ummm so mom…. anything exciting or interesting happen today?!”  I said well as a matter of fact yes!  I will never forget her smile.”

The Wedding

Maria and Joe are truly a special couple. At their initial meeting with me, we connected right away. I told them about my priorities for weddings and it lined up perfectly with what they wanted from a photographer: someone to capture all of the love in their life. I love the images from this wedding so much. Although I’ve only spent time with this couple across three days: our initial meeting, their engagement session, and their wedding – I’ve come to adore them and photographing this wedding felt like photographing family. They have that way about them. Maria and Joe, thank you for inviting me into your lives to be a part of such an important time for you. I’ve loved getting to know you both as well as Emma, Luke and David.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their day.

Baltimore Wedding Photography

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Baltimore Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Saint Louis Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Maple Lawn Community Center
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jim Heine
Photography Assistant: Tommy Wagner
Wedding Coordinator: Niki Steele
DJ: Mike Cantow
Officiant: Msgr. Luca
Caterer: Rouge Catering
Hair & Makeup: Alison Harper & Co.
Florist: Liz Park



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