Julie + Kevin | Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding | Baltimore, MD

October 11, 2017 Julie + Kevin | Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding | Baltimore, MD

He wanted a pirate ship, she wanted a barn wedding in the city on the water. Not too much to ask! Julie and Kevin’s Baltimore Museum of Industry wedding was so unique and wonderful. Most weddings at the BMI take place in the actual museum- but Julie and Kevin picked the spot more for the view it offered. On the property at the BMI is a farmers market pavilion, which was transformed into a beautiful barn-like wedding space, with an amazing view of the city.

The Couple

From Julie: “When you are in your single years in life someone will always say to you “you will meet the ‘one’ when you least expect it” you are going to shrug your shoulders and laugh it off… because that just happens in the movies right?

Kevin and I have known each other since high school. I actually had been friends his older sister, Meredith, before Kevin and I would even cross paths. In high school Kevin and I both took an interest in theater. After many classes together we became friends, even shared a prom limo with our separate dates… but lost touch after graduation.

Once college ended and I was back in Towson figuring out this whole adult thing when I received a terrible call- Mr. Liefert our beloved high school theater teacher had passed away. At his memorial service we connected through memories with old classmates, went to a classic cast party dinner at Bill Batemans and then out for the night downtown. (this is they way Donny L would have wanted it). Kevin and I again went our separate ways after the evening ended.

Two Years later I receive a text while at work from Kevin asking if I wanted to go to an Orioles game… This was extremely random to me (I had also just sworn off any relationships for a while- focus on myself- you know the “I need to reevaluate my life” conversation). I was tempted to not even answer. I told my co-worker Katie who convinced me to say yes, and just go and have fun. (Thanks Katie)

The game was a blast- we caught up, shared laughs and more importantly decided that we wanted to continue hanging out. For the next few months we hung out as friends… until it came time to meet the family, that’s when we decided that this might be going a step further than just old friends.

In March of 2015 Kevin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. There were no parades or flash mobs- it was perfect. We were on the walk with our wonderful dog in the neighborhood that we love.

Kevin came into my life when I least expected it– and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The Wedding

Last year, I photographed Julie and Kevin’s engagement session at our high school. It was such a fun blast from the past for me to explore the halls with them and reminisce about our time at the school. It was around then that they told me that our high school guidance counselor, Mr. Jones, would be officiating their wedding ceremony. Mr. Jones is a wise, kind, warm human being, who had a huge impact on all of us. I was so excited to see him and I knew that the ceremony would be very special. It exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Julie and Kevin wrote each other letters (Kevin basically cry-screamed his at Julie, and then ended it by yelling “top that!”) that were both beautiful and touching. And Mr. Jones crafted such a personal and meaningful ceremony for them as well. Everything about this day was just good for the soul. I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of it.

Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Photos

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Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding Vendors

Jillian Jenkins, Elle Ellinghaus Designs
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
DJ: Jason Wallace, District Remix
Videographer: Shawn Wehland
Officiant: Craig Jones
Bakery: Charm City Cakes
Caterer: Rouge Catering
Bridal Gown Designer: Martina Liana
Bridal Shop: Garnish
Hair Stylist: Hair by Daniela/ M Salon (Bride)
Makeup Artist: Sofia Alexandria
Florist: Sunnyside Farm
ZBest Limo/Urban Pirates
Wedding Stationery: Dunkirk Designs



    Posted at 16:48h, 12 October Reply

    Another beautiful wedding! I am loving all of the Baltimore skyline photos you captured! Great work, Brea!

  • Jen
    Posted at 17:00h, 12 October Reply

    So much emotion! So many smiles! I adore this wedding Brea! You captured their day so perfectly.

  • Emily
    Posted at 18:32h, 12 October Reply

    Wow, those ceremony moments are super epic! Awesome sky stuff too! Great set of images.

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