Behind the Scenes | Baltimore Wedding Photographer | 2017 Shenanigans

January 1, 2018 Behind the Scenes | Baltimore Wedding Photographer | 2017 Shenanigans

This is the silliest post every year. At each wedding we have a handful of images that we take of each other – normally during lighting tests, sometimes of us while working, and oftentimes, just really unflattering photos of each other. I save them in a folder as the year goes on, so I can put together this ridiculous post at the end of the year.

I am so thankful for another year of amazing couples, working with the best of friends, and getting to live my life connecting with incredible humans and documenting real life. It’s an amazing job. We also have way too much fun while doing it.

Enjoy a little peek into our silly, silly lives.

Behind the Scenes | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Jeana and I traveled this year to New Jersey for an amazing 1920s themed wedding. Kaitlin and Victor’s wedding still stands out as a favorite from the year, and I also had the honor of making a vase for them from their wedding! I do glass blowing, and it was so fun to be able to create something for them as well as capture their wedding!

Jean Bean is the best assistant and is always on top of helping both me AND the bride and groom with anything we need!
She also makes fantastic facial expressions when I’m testing my light.
Jim will do whatever it takes to get the shot. Even if that’s standing half inside/half outside, on a chair in the rain.
I started this wedding day with curls in my hair… and then I got rained on. Haha. We managed to keep the bride and groom dry!
Jim testing his light on me.
Me testing my light on Jeana.
Two of my favorites!
This was when I was contemplating going with the flood lights in the room or trying to set up my own light. It was a major decision.
Jeana and Brielle dancing so I could figure out lighting for the reception.
Tommy started working with me this year. You’ll see a lot of his face in this post. He’s a nut and the reason behind a LOT of smiles and laughter this year.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0777 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0778 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0779
That time my friend Lionel shot with me!
I love this BTS shot Lionel got of us creating one of my favorite photos from Lindsey and Dan’s wedding. Makin’ light.
Tommy makes a lot of faces.
I am pleased.
This shot of Tommy and I basically sums up our relationship.
The “what do we do with our hands?” dance.
Bustling dresses.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0758 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0760 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0761
Sometimes we sit on floors. (Whatever it takes to get the best shot!)
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0762 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0786
Tommy creeps.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0787 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0788 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0789
Tommy also wins over all of the kids.
Jim being a ninja.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0791 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0792
When you know you’re in the shot – you make a sad face.
This photo is so hilariously awkward. Oh Jeana.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0795 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0796 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0797
Yay Asha!!!
That time when Tommy and Max (the groom) knew each other in high school, and Max is telling Gabby alllll about it.
I look so concerned.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0800 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0801
Jen caught the most flattering photos of photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0803
Another fun fact: I made the vase on the table here for Gabby and Max! They wanted me to make something in their wedding colors that they could prominently display at the wedding and also in their new home together afterwards! Such an amazing honor <3
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0804 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0805
Sarah is so pretty!
Selfies for days…
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0808 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0809
Oh god this face…
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0810 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0811
Like I said, Tommy and all of the kids.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0812 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0813 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0814 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0815 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0816 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0817
He was not pleased that I took some of his crab dip.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0819 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0820
Jim Jam!
Kiddos also love Jim Jam.
Oh man, this was hilarious. For Maria and Joe’s engagement session, I needed Tommy to entertain the kids so I could take some photos of just them. Which then turned into them teaming up on him 3 to 1, and it was hilarious but awful but worth it? Sorry Tommy!!!
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0824 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0827 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0826 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0825 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0828 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0829 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0830 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0831 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0833 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0835 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0836 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0837 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0838 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0841 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0842photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0846
I fix veils.
Sarah tests light (I LOVED your hair this color, Sarah!)
Sarah and Tommy test my light for the first dance.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0849 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0850photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0852 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0853
Tommy is psyched about shooting his first Bar Mitzvah.
I am clearly not psyched about him taking a picture of me. If looks could kill, my god. lol
Oh Jean Bean.
Late night tacos at Jen and Paul’s wedding!
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0864 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0865
This photo was taken while I was taking…
…this one.
This photo just reminded me of how much I LOVED Sarah and James‘ wedding this year! We worked with Brielle again that day too!
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0867 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0868 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0869
We lay on the ground a lot.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0870 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0871
When one of the guests asks to take a picture of the photographer?
Tommy was helping Sarah with her train, but is a little too camera aware for me to take a candid and of course he made a face.
Every day I’m bustlin’
That time when Tommy desperately needed a haircut.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0877 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0878
Pinning boutonnières. The only thing I’ve never done at a wedding attire wise that’s left is tie someone’s bow tie. But Tommy’s got that one on lock.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0879 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0880photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0883 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0884
Another day, another bustle.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0885 photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0886
I posted several of these back in January for last year’s BTS post, but I make the rules, and these weddings took place in 2017, and some of these shots are so good they’re worth showing twice :)

It’s always fun when I photograph friends’ weddings – because I get to get in some of the photos too!
Jim takes the most flattering selfies to test his light, which I photo bomb.
silhouettes_0443 silhouettes_0442 silhouettes_0441 silhouettes_0440 silhouettes_0439 silhouettes_0438
I swear this shot captures how much I love my job perfectly.
Jim Jam!
silhouettes_0433 silhouettes_0431 silhouettes_0429
This just reminded me that Felicia and Chris had hot cider at their wedding!!! It’s a rare thing for us to see! More people should get involved :) *hint hint*
silhouettes_0428 silhouettes_0427
That time I photographed the wedding of two high school friends, officiated by our guidance counselor, Mr. Jones – and we got a THS alum photo – which I made poor Shawn take (he was their videographer).
This guy.
photography-by-brea-best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-bts_0888I love this photo from Dom and Sarah’s anniversary session, Tommy is wearing Gary (my camera bag) and Sarah’s hat, while holding the light and had no idea I was taking this shot lol
I heart Steph and Tony!
Speaking of, we had some photo booth fun at their wedding AND a few others :)best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-brea_0101
AND Jordan got married this year!! I had a wedding that day so I referred Jim to shoot it, Tommy was the photo booth op, and I came by for the last hour of the wedding! Being a wedding guest for even a little bit of time was so weird!best-baltimore-wedding-photographer-brea_0098
All of these photos are from Jim and Ray Ray! See their amazing wedding photos here!

Here’s to another year of living this wonderful life and capturing yours!



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 11:59h, 04 January Reply

    LOVE! We have the best jobs!

  • Brooke
    Posted at 14:10h, 04 January Reply

    This post made me laugh more than once; your faces, Jeana’s faces, Jim’s faces, and especially Tommy’s faces were fantastic :) My favorite was the photo of Tommy wearing the hat, sporting “Gary”, and holding your lighting. What a fun year!

  • tPoz
    Posted at 16:18h, 04 January Reply

    oh my gosh, you had such a fun & funny year!! Loved seeing all these hilarious moments!

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