Kacie + Shawn | Wedding at Pond View Farm | White Hall, MD

September 4, 2019 Kacie + Shawn | Wedding at Pond View Farm | White Hall, MD

Shawn and Kacie‘s wedding at Pond View Farm was easily one of my favorite (and best) weddings ever. Psyched to be sharing photos of this incredible celebration on the blog today!

The Couple

From Kacie: “We met sophomore year of high school. We had the same homeroom and spanish class, so we had a lot of time to become best friends while I helped Shawn cheat on our spanish tests. After four years of being best friends Shawn finally asked me to be his girlfriend, over FaceTime, while I lived in New York. We did a long distance relationship for eight months, going back and forth and having mini adventures along the way. I got to show Shawn all the fun things about New York, and each time we saw each other we appreciated the time together so much more.

“I finally moved back home and we got tired of each other quickly. JK! Both of us had started our first big adventure together. Shawn and I started his business and shortly after I went back to school. Both of us encouraging each other along the way. Throughout the next four years we would continue to grow, love, and support each other to the highest extent that we could. Never doubting the other and just promising to be there always. And then finally, Shawn asked me to marry him in front of our family, and without a doubt in my mind, I said yes. And the rest is history. I get to spend forever with my best friend.”

My Personal Connection

Writing this is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do for this blog. And please bear with me while I indulge myself a bit… I promise it’s worth it.

The greatest honor of my life is being able to capture the love surrounding couples at their weddings every single weekend. However, there’s no greater honor than to be able to do that for friends, especially ones you’re as invested in as I am in Shawn. For the last six years I’ve watched Shawn grow from an eager student in my class at Sheffield (while I myself was growing this business from something stable but new to what it is today) to a talented videographer in his own right and colleague. Over the years I’ve gone from the role of mentor in his life, to equal and friend.

I’ve watched his relationship with Kacie grow and blossom, and through him, have gained her as a friend as well. I don’t talk much about my teaching job here, but Shawn is a perfect example of what I love about it. I get to help people grow, and get to keep them as friends and cheer them along the way. Shawn’s pretty special – I’m not his only teacher turned friend. Tony, one of his groomsmen and often second shooter for his business is also a former teacher. So although this was special, like photographing the wedding of any friend is special, this was even more so because I feel like I watched Shawn grow up in front of my eyes.

The Wedding

Now, the wedding day was surreal in a lot of ways for me. I’ve been at weddings with both Shawn and Kacie probably a dozen times before – with Kacie helping Shawn, and he and I shooting side by side. In fact, we’ve even done just that at Pond View. The photo on the left was taken the day I first met Kacie – at Katie and Jeff’s wedding! Kacie, Shawn and I had talked a good bit about how it was going to be super weird for them to be on the other side of things. But as it turned out, they were some of the most mindful people I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding. It made our job so easy. With a love like theirs, nothing needs to be forced. It’s effortless. When I walked up to Shawn to give him the little pep talk I tend to give my grooms before the first look, to help them feel grounded before the big reveal (which he’s witnessed before) it was one of the most weird and wonderful moments, and emotional for both of us.

Favorite Moments at the Wedding

I want to highlight some of my favorite moments throughout the day before the reveal of the photos. Shawn and Kacie chose to exchange letters before the wedding. Well, instead of doing a letter, Shawn made Kacie a truly beautiful video. Afterwards, she just wanted to talk to him and hold his hand. At Pond View Farm, the getting ready suites for the guys and gals are conjoined by a sliding door, so that was something that was easily doable on a whim and ended up being one of the sweetest spontaneous moments I’ve ever witnessed. Nevermind that they had the sweetest first look I’ve ever experienced.

There were also two really beautiful relationships I wanted to especially highlight- the relationship between Kacie and her dad and sisters, and the relationship with ring bearer Mason and his best friend Uncle Shawn – and there were tons of great moments with both throughout the entire day. Kacie also surprised Shawn with the Natty Boh mascot coming to the wedding! Which was an absolute riot and the highlight of the reception. Seriously, there was no shortage of amazing things to capture all day.

I want to use my photography to show people how they love and how they are loved. But this day I also wanted to show how much I love them as well. I hope I succeeded. Congratulations, friends. It was an honor.

Pond View Farm Wedding Photos

Photo of bride's wedding dress by pond at Pond View Farm in White Hall, Maryland Emotional bride and groom hold hands before ceremony at Pond View Farm Beautiful bridal portrait at Pond View Farm First look with bride and groom at Pond View Farm Wedding Bride and groom under willow tree at Pond View Farm Bride and groom against colorful water at Pond View Farm Ceremony under willow tree at Pond View Farm Bride and groom reception Pond View Farm Natty boh man at Pond View Farm wedding reception

Pond View Farm Wedding Vendors

Venue: Pond View Farm
Baltimore Wedding Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Tommy Wagner, Photography by Brea
DJ: Jordan Solender, Maryland’s DJ
Videographer: Ryan Mitchell, Perfect Form
Officiant: Sam Dyson (Friend)
Bakery: Sally Woodruff
Caterer: Pond View Farm
Bridal Shop: Wren Bridal
Hair Stylist: Elements of Style
Florist: Dilly Dally Garden



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