Vendor Spotlight: Wise Films

June 18, 2020 Vendor Spotlight: Wise Films

Today’s blog post highlights one of our favorite wedding videographers – Ethan Wise with Wise Films! Ethan is a breath of fresh air at every wedding we work with him. His creative energy is contagious and helps to push us to also be our best. It’s always a good time to work with like-minded, awesome people – and it’s people like Ethan who make this job a dream job.

And now for the fun stuff!

I sent Ethan a list of questions to accompany this blog post – so now you get to hear from him directly! Enjoy :)

How long have you been in business?

Seven years

How did you get into doing videography for weddings?

In 2013 my mother referred me to her coworker who was getting married and wanted someone to film the wedding. At the time, I was attending Towson University studying film so I thought it would be a good opportunity to gain some experience. I had so much fun filming that wedding and after I delivered their video I realized I was pretty good at it. I was able to book a few more weddings that year and 7 years later it has snowballed into what it is now.

What is it about weddings that you love most?

There are so many things that I love about weddings but the biggest reason would have to be the overall atmosphere of the day. When we arrive for bride prep, the girls are always so excited and the energy is electric. As the day unfolds, we get to capture so much emotion. Watching everyone interact with each other and waiting for the perfect moment to capture it is such a thrill for my brother and I. We simply love the celebration.

Describe your ideal client:

Our ideal client is someone who is very passionate about their wedding and knows the importance of having it captured on video (and photo). My brother and I may be a git goofy and fun, but we take our jobs very seriously. When our client is educated about us and how we work, it makes the whole process much easier. Someone who is not afraid to be themselves in front of our camera helps as well.

What makes your work unique?

This is our favorite question. We strive to make our films one of a kind and truly reflect the couples personality and overall vibe of their wedding day. Our filming style is a mix of candid and directed moments that we intertwine throughout the film to really make it as unique as possible. I am often on the ground or in a bush trying to find a cool angle that will not only help drive the story but also keep the viewer engaged while watching the film. We are always trying to be better and we have developed a lot of techniques to achieve that signature Wise Films look.

What is your favorite tv show/movie of the moment?

The tv shows I am currently obsessed with include Schitt’s Creek, Ozark, and Shameless.

For fun, here is a video of a wedding we worked together last year and you can also click the couples’ name to see our photo story as well!

Lorraine and Will at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House.

Check out more of Ethan’s work on his website!



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