Mona + Paul | Great Falls Wedding Photos | Great Falls, VA

May 12, 2021 Mona + Paul | Great Falls Wedding Photos | Great Falls, VA

Mona and Paul were married last month in an intimate ceremony with their closest friends in attendance. I was already booked for their wedding so I connected them with the amazing Jim! Jim is my best friend, is my second shooter on most of my weddings this year, and an amazing photographer. I’m excited to share the highlights from their wedding on the blog today!

The Couple

From Mona: “We met through Tinder in April 2017 and a week after our first date, we signed a lease together in a tiny apartment in Arlington because 1) we just knew, 2) we are insane, and 3) enjoy giving our loved ones anxiety. Luckily neither of us turned out to be serial killers (or we are just really good at hiding it), so we are both very fortunate. ;-) Since then we have moved too many times, given each other endless amounts of sh*t playfully, switched jobs a bit, adopted cats, traveled to awesome places together, bought a house, and grown as individuals and in our relationship.

“We got engaged at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona on July 5, 2019. Paul wanted the engagement to be a bit private, so we hiked off to the side where there were no railings to prevent us from plummeting to our deaths. He had no idea that I am that terrified of heights, so I refused to stand and I made him also sit with me because I didn’t want him falling off the cliff. Neither of us died and we have been tackling other anxiety-inducing adventures together since!”

The Wedding

From Jim: “From the moment I met Mona and Paul, I appreciated their authenticity (aka “brutal honesty”), adventurous spirits, and hilarious sense of (sometimes dark) humor. They’d admit they’re a little weird, and I love them all the more for it.

“Mona and Paul had an intimate wedding elopement at Great Falls National Park. Three of their closest friends attended, including a friend who officiated the ceremony. It was a lovely, picturesque setting – being amongst the protruding rock faces, and accented by the roaring sound of waterfalls due to the recent Spring rains.

“After the wedding ceremony, we took photos by the rock cliffs and wooded areas. Mona “rocked” heels the entire time – even while hiking through mud and climbing over boulders.”

Great Falls Wedding Photos



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