2022 Shenanigans | Behind the Scenes

January 18, 2023 2022 Shenanigans | Behind the Scenes

It’s time for a resurgence of our previously most popular post of the year! Because of covid and masks I didn’t do a bts post in 2020 and 2021 because – well, frankly, it would have been a bit of a bummer. But huzzah! We’re back to somewhat normal life and can have a post of our ridiculous shenanigans again. As always, I need to add my disclaimer: I promise we do work! This is an entire year’s worth of ridiculousness, which usually ends up being a handful of photos of thousands we take at a wedding :) We work our asses off for our couples (because we love you!), and we always make sure to have fun while doing so! These photos are a mix of lighting tests, photo bombs (unintentional and otherwise), and random other occurrences throughout a wedding day or portrait session. Without further ado, here’s our selection from 2022!

Also, shout out to my momma for joining the team this year! She LOVES running the photo booth and will be around for the foreseeable future for weddings and engagements when needed.

Snack break.

I do not remember the story of the adorable crochet umbrella but I love it and I love Brooke.

My handsome honey’s silhouette in Portland, OR.

When it’s so hot your bag of ice melts to water in no time at all.

I literally only saved this one because my hair looks majestic.

Zeus!! The farm dog at Tusculum Farm. We will miss Tusculum and Zeus as they convert back to a private residence this year and no longer will host weddings.
Brooke the tree surrounded by trees.

Speaking of trees, here’s Thomas climbing a tiny tree for TheShot TM. He did not die, the photo was great. 10/10

Tommy also made it his mission this year to photograph me photographing things while holding food. Because I am a master multitasker. Also, this is featuring Lobster Bisque from Anchor Inn and it’s the best part of weddings there. IYKYK.

My momma!

Jennifer taking a picture of me taking a picture of Brooke taking a picture for this couple on their phone. Inception.

Fun fact about this – I knew I wanted to get a shot of Beth and Josh with the sunset behind them and their reflection in the water in the foreground. So, I jumped onto this platform from the dock without thinking twice about an exit strategy. I was then unable to get back up with such ease, so my mom and Jennifer needed to untie the ropes to pull me to one side so I could step back up. lol. Oops. The shot was worth it 100%. 
That time Jim rode to the wedding on a boat and subsequently got heat stroke. Oops. Thanks for taking one for the team, Jim!

I’m not the only one that lays down on the job.

That time we broke Jim by giving him a fidget toy.

Warm apple crumble and ice cream – SO good.

Late night quesadillas!

Lisa loved this beetle so much that when she had to put it down to take photos, I handed it off to my mom… who was less than thrilled about this job, but took it like a champ.

My reception sugar jolt: Coca-Cola.

Here’s looking at you, 2022. Another awesome year in the books. Bring it on, 2023!

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  • Joanne
    Posted at 20:18h, 18 January Reply

    So fun looking back, at both the yearly recap and the behind the scenes. You clearly love your job… and it shows in every aspect of it <3 I love these!! You've got an awesome team!!

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