Kim + Billy | Quiet Waters Park Wedding Photos | Annapolis, MD

June 22, 2023 Kim + Billy | Quiet Waters Park Wedding Photos | Annapolis, MD

Kim and Billy’s journey began at the height of COVID. It was Billy’s first foray into the realm of online dating, and it more than paid off. They took the time to nurture their connection, embracing outdoor activities, hiking, biking, swimming, and canoeing during their social distance dating phase. Finally they had their first kiss and it was well worth the wait.

This past Saturday, surrounded by their closest family and friends, Kim and Billy exchanged vows, sealing their commitment to a lifetime of love and adventure. And adventure, indeed, is their shared passion. It comes as no surprise, then, that for their honeymoon, they have chosen an awe-inspiring escapade—biking down a volcano in Ecuador.

Throughout their wedding day, Billy couldn’t take his eyes off Kim. Every glance, every smile, and every stolen moment between them was a testament to their connection. I absolutely loved our day with these two (despite getting stung in the foot by a bee while we were taking photos!) and I’m excited to share the highlights on the blog today.

Quiet Waters Park Wedding Photos



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