Sara + Michael | Belvedere Wedding Photos | Baltimore, MD

March 5, 2024 Sara + Michael | Belvedere Wedding Photos | Baltimore, MD

Sara and Michael were married this past weekend at the Belvedere and it was such a wonderful day filled with so much love. I’m excited to share the highlights on the blog today!

The Couple

From the bride: “We met in March 2017, a swipe right at first sight. At the time, I was a junior and Michael was a senior at Florida State University. Together, we stayed in Tallahassee for over 6 years together (living together for the last 4), and then moved to Baltimore after I got a job at Loyola. Before I went officially on the job market/interviewing stretch, Michael proposed at our favorite restaurant in Tallahassee at the rooftop bar. It was the day before Thanksgiving, so we could surprise all of our family the next day. We just love each other’s company. We make each other patient, and laugh the most. I’m just so excited this is actually happening.”

The Wedding

Sara and Michael’s wedding was an absolutely beautiful celebration. It’s rare to witness so many bridesmaids (and groomsmen!!) shedding happy tears at a wedding, which speaks volumes about how deeply loved they truly are. The day was a magnificent tribute to both of them as remarkable individuals and as an exceptional pair. From the heartfelt exchange of their personal vows to the lively and crowded dance floor, followed by the fantastic after-party at the Owl Bar, the day was nothing short of spectacular!

Belvedere Wedding Photos

Belvedere Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Belvedere
Photographers: Breanna Pretz & Jim Heine, Photography by Brea
Photo booth: Us!
Jeff, MyDeeJay
Brian Griffin, Cousin of the Bride
Belvedere & Co.
Essense Australia
New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh
Brushed Beauty
Crofton Florist



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