Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding | Haymarket, VA | Alli + Brendan

September 7, 2017 Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding | Haymarket, VA | Alli + Brendan

Alli and Brendan’s Dominion Valley Country Club wedding this past weekend is easily one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing and the opportunity to capture!

The Couple

From the couple: Alli and Brendan were introduced through a mutual friend. Their first date was a Nationals’ game, where Alli met Brendan’s parents a few minutes before meeting him. Later that night, they went to a terrible party where they found ear plugs and followed a floating shark around. Despite the terrible party, they both knew there was something special there. They were long distance for about 1 year between NY and VA while Alli finished grad school and passed her boards. Alli moved to VA in 2013, we moved in together in 2014 with mutual friends, then bought our townhome in August 2016.

Brendan caught Alli by surprise when he proposed on an afternoon hike at Fountainhead, near our house, on October 23rd 2016. It was very private and sweet. Friends met us back at our place for some champagne and cupcakes that night.

We are always down for a road trip or adventure. We travel a lot to see friends and family and aspire to travel more abroad.

The Wedding

Alli and Brendan’s wedding has been one of my most anticipated since we first met earlier this year. They are so wonderful, so easy to get along with, and we share a lot of our favorite things in common. Their engagement session was even more fun than I expected, and the wedding even more so than that. I absolutely love these two. You can feel their love. Each is equally enamored with the other, and they also support each other to become their best selves whatever that takes. It’s the type of relationship most dream of and few achieve.

Their wedding had so much heart and was the perfect reflection of who they are. One of their closest friends officiated the ceremony, and not only did he absolutely kill it, but he made it personal in a way that only someone who truly knew and loved them could. Alli snuck up on Brendan for the first look hoping to scare him, something they jokingly do around the house on the regular. The cousins specifically requested the YMCA so their grandmother who never quite understood why people moved their arms the way they did during that dance, could finally do it right (they taught her just for the wedding!) A pretty sunset, forehead kisses, a lollipop bribe and on and on. Easily one of my favorite weddings, for one of my favorite couples. Just a few of my favorites on the blog today.

Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding Photos

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Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding Vendors

Venue: Dominion Valley Country Club
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Sarah DeLauney
Elizabeth Allen, Dominion Valley Country Club
DJ: Matt Johnson, Black Tie Entertainment
Officiant: Paul Schwartz, friend of bride and groom
Bakery: Cakes by Casey
Caterer: Dominion Valley Country Club
Bridal Gown Designer: Maggie Soterro
Bridal Shop: Bridals by Natalie
Hair and Makeup: Kristin Mastrangelo
Florist: Christine Topacio, Chevy Chase Florist
Transportation: Student Transportation Unlimited



  • Emily Chastain
    Posted at 09:18h, 07 September Reply

    These are GORGEOUS! Love all their great facial expressions and incredible happiness. The sunset pics are my fave!

  • karen shields
    Posted at 07:41h, 08 September Reply

    It was an Amazing Wedding and you captured so many special moments! Their love for each other and from their family and friends emanated through your pictures. Can’t wait to see more!

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