Tracy + Bharath | Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding | Baltimore, MD

May 10, 2018 Tracy + Bharath | Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding | Baltimore, MD

Today I’m excited to share part one of Tracy and Bharath‘s two part wedding celebration this past weekend! Day one was their full day American wedding at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum in Baltimore.

The Couple

Tracy and Bharath are so sweet and so special and it was such an honor celebrating their new beginning by their sides! Here’s their story from the bride:

“After completing her residency training in Philadelphia, Tracy moved to Baltimore to begin her career as a transplant pharmacist close to 5 years ago. About 1 month after she started, Bharath, fresh out of his residency program in San Diego, started in the same position at the University of Maryland. As they had similar experiences up until that point and were starting their first “real” jobs, the two quickly became good friends. One unsuspecting day, Tracy received a phone call from Bharath. He said he needed to get something off of his chest, and promptly asked her out (to her disbelief)! They continued to hang out as “just friends,” but over time (and several bottles of wine and hours long discussions) their relationship became something more. Fast forward several years, and one Friday after a long week at work, Tracy was prepared to get comfortable on the couch. Suddenly, Bharath told her that she had 10 minutes to get ready for a special evening that he had planned. He then pulled out a pretty dress that Tracy had noticed at the mall months before for her to wear. From there, Bharath took Tracy to Fells Point, where he had arranged for a private boat tour of the harbor and surrounding areas. Before she knew it, Bharath was down on one knee, asking her to marry him! Of course she said yes!”

The Wedding

Everything about Tracy and Bharath’s wedding just felt. good. Their families are so sweet and loving. Their friends, warm and enthusiastic. And their love for each other is inspiring and comfortable. They love being together and they bring the best out in each other. It’s a wonderful thing to witness and to be a part of. We were hit with on and off rain storms all day on Saturday but it ended up working out perfectly. It cleared up just as Tracy walked down the aisle, we were met with a little drizzle mid-ceremony, but it stopped again a few minutes later! I love that they took the risk to do the ceremony outside anyway because it was absolutely beautiful. Here are just a few of my favorites from their special day!

Frederick Douglass Isaac Myers Maritime Museum Wedding Photos

tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0266 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0267 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0268 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0269 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0270 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0271 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0272 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0273 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0275 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0276 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0277 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0278 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0279 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0280 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0281 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0282 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0283 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0284 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0285 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0297 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0287 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0296 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0286 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0288 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0289 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0290 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0291 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0292 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0293 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0294 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0295 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0298 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0299 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0300 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0311 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0312tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0301 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0302 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0303 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0306 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0308 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0307 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0309 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0310 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0305 tracy-bharath-frederick-douglass-baltimore-wedding-photos_0304


Venue: Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Tommy Wagner, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Alicia Morales
DJ: Kenny Mitchell, Crow Entertainment
Officiant: Randy Miller
Caterer: Copper Kitchen
Bakery: La Cakerie
Bridal Gown Designer: Rebecca Ingram
Bridal Shop: Tiffany’s Bridal Boutique
Hair Stylist: Prive
Florist: Flowers and Fancies
Rentals/Linens: Select Events
Wedding Stationery: Song & Pen




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