Maria + Stephen | Fathom Creative Wedding Photos | Washington, DC

August 5, 2020 Maria + Stephen | Fathom Creative Wedding Photos | Washington, DC

Maria and Stephen’s Fathom Creative Wedding this past weekend was an absolute dream. I’m so excited to share my favorites with you on the blog today!

The Couple

Maria and Stephen shared so much of their story, and I adore them so much, that we’re gonna recap all of it!

“For some work brings simply a pay check. Others find happiness in fulfilling their passions. For Steve and Maria, work was where they found the most important thing in their lives, each other. While it took more than a year, endless prodding from coworkers and superiors, and a couple stiff pours of whiskey, Steve finally gathered the courage to ask out Maria. In traditional millennial form, Steve slaved over a typewriter, fueled by the smoky taste of Lagavulin, and authored a flawless love poem. Excited to ask Maria out in this old fashion way, his romantic poem was eclipsed by Maria making the first move and kissing him in DC’s classiest bar, Post Pub.

“The poem and kiss changed everything for Steve and Maria. Quickly they would come to learn how different they really were. Steve, a lover of sports, going out, and the occasional beverage, was drawn to Maria’s passion for Marvel movies, teatotaling, and care for everyone above herself. Just under a year into dating, Maria and Steve took the big step of moving in together. While terrified of commitment, moving in together cemented to Steve how lucky he was to have met Maria.”

Enter Dobby

“As if things were not moving fast enough for Steve, a mere six months into living together, Steve and Maria brought home their pup Dobby, a French Bulldog with enough energy to power a Tesla. Having a puppy has been an amazing experience for Steve and Maria, bringing them even closer together and providing a glimpse into the disagreements they will have when raising a child.”

The Proposal

“Steve asked Maria to marry him after seeing Aladdin at the Kennedy Center. Aladdin was Maria’s favorite movie growing up, though she hated the remake which they watched just two weeks before Steve planned to propose. Prior to the play, Steve and Maria walked around the Kennedy Center where Maria informed Steve that one of her acquaintances had rented out the top balcony to propose. Steve had not done this and was therefore already extremely nervous. During the play, Maria’s tropical upbringing caused her to become cold and she asked for Steve’s jacket. Problem was that the ring was hiding in Steve’s jacket pocket. Smoothly, he removed the ring while giving Maria the jacket and avoided further stressing himself out.

“Steve does not remember the second half of the play due to nerves but heard it was good. He also doesn’t really remember proposing, blacking out in ecstasy; hoping she had said yes. Stunned, the couple were approached by a lovely lady who had taken pictures of the proposal. However, stupefied, the couple forgot to ask the lovely lady to send them the pictures so the proposal photos remain lost.”

The Wedding

Originally scheduled for May, with a totally different venue- then rescheduled to August 1st, and rescheduled YET AGAIN to August 2nd – Maria and Stephen’s wedding was long awaited and highly anticipated. The new wedding plans had just their closest friends and family in attendance, mostly outside, covid-friendly, and no shortage of love. Their pup Dobby was clearly the star of the day, and Dobby’s relationship with Maria’s dad may have rivaled the couple’s relationship as far as true love goes. This day just felt so good and it was such an honor to be there to capture it all! Here are some of our favorites.

Maria and Stephen’s Fathom Creative Wedding Photos

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Here is some more information on the team that made Maria and Stephen’s minimony possible!

Fathom Creative Wedding Vendors

Venue: Fathom Creative
Wedding Coordinator: Aprill Brown, Tulle & Tinsel Event Co.
Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Tommy Wagner for Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Brooke Boyd
Oscar Garcia, Epic Sound Entertainment
Andrew Logan
Michael Kaufman
Cakes by Gene
Founding Farmers
Grace Loves Lace
Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply
Carolyn Thombs Artistry
Nathalie Zhou, Nana Floral



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