Dana + Justin | Backyard Micro-Wedding Photos | Potomac, MD

August 18, 2020 Dana + Justin | Backyard Micro-Wedding Photos | Potomac, MD

Dana and Justin had the best Backyard Micro-Wedding ever and I’m so excited to share the highlights on the blog today!

The Couple

How We Met:

Dana’s Story:

I joined a kickball team and met two new teammates named Chris and Brian who happened to live in Bethesda. My friend, Sarah, really liked Chris. So, being a good wing-woman, I agreed to go with Sarah to hang out with Chris, Brian and their friends, however, it ended up being just Chris and Brian. Sarah and Chris quickly ended up going outside, and I ended up having to hang out with Brian, who turned out to not be my type (at one point he said the words, “girls cannot camp. I am an eagle scout and I know how to really camp. Girls like to shower and stuff”).

After that night, Sarah and Chris began dating and a few days later Sarah told me that the boys had a new roommate that she wanted to set me up with, and also that Brian kept asking about me. I obviously did not trust her opinion on setting me up and said ‘no.’ FAST FORWARD another few weeks, and Sarah invited me out for drinks with a bunch of our friends and informs me that the boys from kickball are coming, including Brian and the new roommate. While out at the bar, I go and grab a drink and the guy across the bar, Justin (Surprise), is next to me also getting a drink. We end up introducing ourselves, and when Sarah comes over she informs me that this is the other roommate she was telling me about! We ended up talking all night.

Justin’s Story:

 I had just moved to Bethesda in a house with three guys I did not know. My roommate Chris invited me to go out in DC that night but I was at the gym when he left. When I got home, Brian said he was going to meet up with Chris and that he needed a wingman for this girl he met. He somehow convinced me to go to DC. Once I was at the bar, I did not know anyone, and ended up talking to Dana and we hit it off right away.

Engagement Story

Last summer we decided that we were going to go on more hikes with our dog, Podrick, however, because of the heat we had to go earlier in the day. So, one Saturday morning, Justin woke up really early claiming that he could not sleep and that we should go to Sugarloaf Mountain to hike with Podrick. Once there, Podrick sprinted to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, Justin suggested looking at the view from an overlook and proposed.

The Wedding

Like most couples planning to get married in 2020, Dana and Justin’s wedding plans have been impacted by the pandemic. They decided to postpone their large wedding until the virus is behind us, and instead chose to celebrate now in a Backyard Micro-Wedding. I knew that I was in for a treat when they told me on our planning phone call that they’d be jumping in the pool at the end… but there was SO much good stuff to this day that that’s just a small blip.

Cardboard cut outs of Jim Harbaugh, Anthony Fauci, and Simone Biles made several appearances throughout the day. Their dog Podrick was the star of the show, much like at their engagement session. Grandma brought a “kiss stick” with plush lips on the end of a 6 foot pole so she could kiss them while social distancing. There were also endless “first wedding/second wedding” jokes. This was the safest I’ve felt yet at a wedding during the pandemic, with no love, fun, or personality sacrificed. Here are just some of my favorites.

Backyard Micro-Wedding Photos

backyard microwedding photos

Dana and Justin’s backyard micro-wedding was photographed by Breanna Shaw for Photography by Brea.



  • Joanne
    Posted at 20:43h, 19 August Reply

    This wedding is amazing! Perfect!! Love their smiles, and feeling their happiness through your images! Beautifully done!! Love that they jumped in the pool, the pool pictures are the best! Love the first look and all the couple images after, the elbow bump, the kiss stick, and the bubble exit. Just so much fun, all weddings should be this fun!!

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