Molly + Martin | National Arboretum Micro-Wedding Photos | Washington DC

September 22, 2020 Molly + Martin | National Arboretum Micro-Wedding Photos | Washington DC

Molly and Martin‘s wedding at the National Arboretum this past Friday was an absolute blast and I’m so excited to share my favorites on the blog today.

The Couple


“Had any good horseshoes lately?”

On October 30, 2015, Molly was entertaining friends from out of town and Martin was at a going away party for a dear friend. Both wound up at Iron Horse, a bar in downtown Washington, DC that no longer exists. As Martin and one of his friends sat at a table, a woman approached. She asked: “What do you think about this?” and gestured to the coat tied around her waist. After some negative reviews, she asked if she could sit down at the table. Five “exhausting” minutes later Martin thought: “She needs to go.” And that’s when Lindsey Hermansen said: “I want you meet some friends of mine.” She gestured to a pack of women standing about ten feet away. Molly, out of pity for the poor souls who had endured Lindsey’s lightning-round inquisition, was the only one to break from the pack, Molly introduced herself to Martin, who asked where she was from originally (as no one in DC is actually from DC). Molly replied: “Chatham, Illinois, which is next to Springfield, Illinois.” That’s when Martin, without missing a beat, asked: “Had any good horseshoes lately?” They spent the next three hours talking. And the rest, as they say, is history.


Martin always knew the proposal had to be on a mountain top, so when Molly’s alma mater, Colorado State University, had a homecoming weekend approaching he knew it was perfect. He then entrusted Lindsey to help convince Molly that a 6:30 am hike the morning of the homecoming game was a good idea. At the top of Horsetooth Mountain Martin, after a very long windup, asked Molly if “will you would go on adventures with me forever.”

The Wedding

Like nearly all of our 2020 couples, Molly and Martin’s wedding plans have needed to drastically change due to covid. They changed states, drastically reduced the guest list to just their closest friends, and changed the scope of the wedding. But what I think they gained in return was a full day of absolute joy and ridiculousness where they could really be themselves and fully feel every moment. If there’s one things I’ve learned from all of these intimate weddings this year, it’s that in some ways, they’re even more special. Below you’ll see some highlights including rings on a disembodied baby hand, sloths riding llamas, a butt grab first look, spontaneous dancing, a broken down bus (it happened twice), LOTS of love and lots of happy tears.

Molly and Martin, it was truly an honor to capture your wedding and I loved being absorbed into your friend group for the day. You guys are awesome. Here are some highlights.

National Arboretum Micro-Wedding Photos

national arboretum micro-wedding photo national arboretum wedding photo national arboretum wedding photo national arboretum wedding photo

National Arboretum Micro-Wedding Photos

Venue: National Arboretum
Hotel: Intercontinental at the Wharf
Reception: Barcelona Wine Bar – Cathedral Heights
Photographer: Breanna Shaw and Tommy Wagner, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Jena Burchick
Videographer: Shawn Wehland, Swehland Productions
Officiant: Robert Schenck
Bridal Gown Designer: Kathryn Elizabeth
Bridal Shop: The Bridal Collection (Centennial, CO)
Hair Stylist: Behind the Veil — Thea
Makeup Artist: Behind the Veil — Joan Rodriguez
Florist: Helen Olivia Flowers



  • Joanne
    Posted at 11:09h, 22 September Reply

    Looks like even with the bus(es) breaking down it was a wonderful day. Love the location, such a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Love that they had a full size cut out of a bridesmaid that couldn’t make it!! The the silhouette with the weeping willow and the one with the columns are a couple of my favorites. The first look is so sweet, and then there is the butt grab ;) I could keep going… so much captured here, as usual, just beautiful!!

  • Emily Chastain
    Posted at 17:22h, 22 September Reply

    These are gorgeous! Beautiful portraits and moments!

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