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October 21, 2021 Stacy + Ben (and Charlie) | Dulany’s Overlook Wedding Photos | Frederick, MD

Stacy and Ben's wedding this past weekend was absolutely beautiful and magical! I'm so excited to share highlights on the blog today. The Couple Stacy and Ben met in the typical millennial fashion, online. Ben asked Stacy to meet him for a last minute drink the Thursday before Thanksgiving at a local bar. Once Stacy and Ben met they instantly realized they went to the same elementary and middle school (only one year apart) and were so surprised their paths did not...

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Carisa and Joe, Reflective Night shot at Ceresville Mansion

July 23, 2020 Carisa + Joe | Ceresville Mansion Wedding Photos | Frederick, MD

Carisa and Joe were married this past weekend at Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, Maryland! The Couple From the couple: "We met on the volleyball court! Joe was recruited to sub on Carisa's work league team by a mutual friend. Joe was just barely good enough that Carisa didn't kick him off the team (ha ha!) Sometimes the team would meet socially during the season (Happy hours, etc.). Joe once mentioned going to see an anime movie, and Carisa seized a chance to...

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May 24, 2016 Kat + Halo | Ceresville Mansion Wedding | Frederick, MD

Writing about this couple is hard - and I spent hours writing and re-writing for their engagement session post, so go there first. I'll wait here. Kat and Halo are two truly incredible people. They lift up everyone around them. They lift each other up. Each is better because they have the other in their lives. Before they started dating, they were both adamantly against marriage. But then they met each other and that all changed. As Halo says, actions speak...

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September 18, 2015 Kat + Halo | Harper’s Ferry Engagement Session

It's always a huge honor to be chosen to capture the love story and wedding day for any couple, and even more so when they're creatives themselves. Halo is an incredibly talented tattoo artist and owner of Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery in Severn, Maryland, and he competed last year on season four of Spike TV's Inkmaster. He's a rock star in the tattoo community, and truly a master of his craft. (I can't wait to get some of his work myself!) Speaking...

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June 16, 2015 Susan + Dave | Walker’s Overlook Wedding

Susan and Dave's wedding was definitely one for the books. This is one of my prettiest blog posts of all time, hands down. Everything about their wedding was absolutely perfect: the venue was gorgeous, the weather was awesome (albeit hotter than we wanted, but considering how it's been nothing but thunderstorms lately, it was awesome), we had a fantastic sunset-- seriously, everything came together perfectly. It even rained for about 10 minutes between their pre-ceremony portraits and the ceremony, interrupting...

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