Jamie + Tommy | Celebrations at the Bay | Pasadena, MD Wedding

November 22, 2013 Jamie + Tommy | Celebrations at the Bay | Pasadena, MD Wedding

You know a couple is special when their photographer cries all day on their wedding day. Jamie and Tommy are the perfect example of true love. I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day since their engagement session earlier this year because I knew that these two beautiful people and their amazing venue would make for some incredible images. What I didn’t realize was just how much joy, beauty and love their day would be filled with, and how emotionally involved I would be. I get teary at weddings on a regular basis, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, but I’ve never cried as much as I did on their wedding day. I cried when Jamie read a beautiful hand-written note from Tommy before she got her makeup done. I cried when I saw how beautiful she looked after her make up was finished, when she walked down the aisle, and even harder when I saw Tommy tear up. I cried watching them cry during their first dance, and again when Jamie danced with her father. During Tommy’s dad’s speech at the end of the night, and every time I worked on their images and felt the emotion of the day again.

I knew this wedding was going to be amazing, but I had no idea just how amazing.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this post with you all, my second to last wedding of the year!


The tears started flowing when Jamie hung up her wedding dress and the reality of it all started sinking in. Her dress is truly stunning, but just wait until you see it on her, it’s perfect.

2013-11-17_0002 2013-11-17_0003

Jamie had such fabulous shoes and clutch! The colorful sparkles were gorgeous!

2013-11-17_0004 2013-11-17_0005

The bouquets by Dundalk Florist were beautiful!

2013-11-17_0006 2013-11-17_0007 2013-11-17_0008 2013-11-17_00092013-11-17_0010

Tommy wrote his bride to be two notes. One smaller note, which accompanied a medal that he received when he was hired by his fire department. He has worn the medal every day since receiving it, and he was now giving to Jamie so she could always have a piece of him with her.


He also wrote a longer note that brought our beautiful bride to tears. Jamie thought ahead and chose to read these before getting her makeup done… brilliant.

2013-11-17_0012 2013-11-17_0013 2013-11-17_0014 2013-11-17_0015

The amazingly talented Jordan Noel did makeup for all of the girls. She also did makeup for Ashley and Nelson’s wedding and engagement session and Stephanie and Tony’s engagement session. She’s incredibly talented!

2013-11-17_0016 2013-11-17_0017 2013-11-17_0018 2013-11-17_0019 2013-11-17_0020 2013-11-17_00212013-11-17_0022

After Jamie got dressed, it was time to head to Celebrations at the Bay!

2013-11-17_0023 2013-11-17_0024

It was a bit on the chilly side with a slight threat of rain, so the decision was made to hold the ceremony inside. I love a venue where the indoor ceremony option is just as gorgeous as the outdoor!

2013-11-17_0025 2013-11-17_0026

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Jamie walked down the aisle to her husband to be.

2013-11-17_0027 2013-11-17_0028 2013-11-17_0029

Their ceremony was performed by Tommy’s Uncle, and wins the award for the fastest ceremony ever!

2013-11-21_0003 2013-11-21_0004 2013-11-21_0005 2013-11-21_0006 2013-11-21_0007 2013-11-21_00082013-11-17_0036

The guys were quite dapper…

2013-11-17_0037 2013-11-17_0038 2013-11-17_0039

…and the ladies were a picture of true beauty.

2013-11-17_0040 2013-11-17_0041

…and fun!


Such a good looking group of people!

2013-11-17_0052 2013-11-17_0043 2013-11-17_0044

I am thoroughly entertained that this group did the harlem shake for this shot.


Tommy made quite the handsome groom. Even with his slightly ridiculous American flag sunglasses. He originally wanted to do American flag ties too, but Jamie drew the line at the sunglasses. (Good call, Jame!)

2013-11-17_0166 2013-11-17_0167

Jamie is such a beautiful girl and made the most stunning bride.

2013-11-17_0048 2013-11-17_0049 2013-11-17_0050 2013-11-17_0051 2013-11-17_0053

I heart these all big time. I love their love.

2013-11-17_0054 2013-11-17_0055 2013-11-17_0056 2013-11-17_00572013-11-17_0058 2013-11-17_0059 2013-11-17_0060 2013-11-17_0061

Their reception decor was absolutely stunning. Burlap table linens, chalkboard table numbers, and amazing hand-made centerpieces by Tommy’s talented cousin Caela. I’ve never been compelled to photograph every single centerpiece as there are normally only one or two different ones. In this case, every single centerpiece was different, totally beautiful, and perfectly hand made with love!


Tommy and Jamie’s song (and first dance) is Dave Matthews’ You and Me. I loved seeing the lyrics incorporated into their wedding dĂ©cor. Their engagement photos were also featured throughout.

2013-11-17_0065 2013-11-17_0066 2013-11-17_0067 2013-11-17_00682013-11-17_0078 2013-11-17_0079 2013-11-17_0080 2013-11-17_0081

Tommy and Jamie entered into the reception with style (gotta love Tommy rocking the “Bride” shades) and went straight into their first dance to “You and Me”

2013-11-17_00692013-11-17_0070 2013-11-17_00712013-11-17_0072Jamie even had a line from their song tattooed on her arm. I truly believe they can do anything.2013-11-17_0073

The daddy-daughter dance also had me in tears. So sweet.

2013-11-17_0074 2013-11-17_0075

The speeches by the Best Man, Ben and Maids of Honor, Michelle and Krista had us all laughing and then crying and then laughing again.

2013-11-17_0076 2013-11-17_0077

After dinner it was party time!! And this group knew how to party! It was a blast!

2013-11-17_00822013-11-17_0085 2013-11-17_0086 2013-11-17_00872013-11-17_0088

Jamie and Tommy cut the cake and went all out on the smash.


Jamie got Tommy before he was even prepared.


and I mean GOT Tommy. She got Tommy GOOD.


Don’t worry, he got revenge.


This about sums it up.

2013-11-17_0093 2013-11-17_0094 2013-11-17_0095 2013-11-17_0096 2013-11-17_0097 2013-11-17_0098 2013-11-17_0099

Did I mention that it was a fun party? Because it was a BLAST!


When I’m asked by a groomsman to take a selfie with him and his friends, I have to oblige.

2013-11-17_0110 2013-11-17_0111

Love these next ones!

2013-11-17_0112 2013-11-17_0113 2013-11-17_0114 2013-11-17_0115

Before the end of the night, I took Jamie and Tommy out for some night shots, and they were downright magical.


I can’t even pick a favorite… this one?

2013-11-17_0102Or maybe this one?2013-11-17_0103This one? See!? Hard choice!2013-11-17_0104 2013-11-17_0105

One of their friends had an amazing cigar shot from his wedding. I wanted to do a cigar shot with these two but put my own spin on it. I loved how they turned out.

2013-11-17_0106 2013-11-17_0107

Love this one.

2013-11-17_0108 2013-11-17_0116

Tommy and Jamie, You guys are amazing and you can do anything. Your love is truly special and I have no doubt that your marriage will be even more beautiful than your wedding day. I’m so happy I got to be a part of your amazing celebration!


Venue: Celebrations at the Bay
Photographer: Photography by Brea
DJ: Joey McCann
Caterer: Uptown Catering
Bakery: Sugar Bakers
Florist: Dundalk Florist
Centerpieces: Tommy’s cousin Caela Tindilia
Hair: The bride!
Makeup: Jordan Noel



  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:53h, 22 November Reply

    This is such an incredible wedding! I love those night shots!

  • Dodie
    Posted at 08:04h, 22 November Reply

    Brea, what words would struggle to convey, you have an amazing ability to perfectly capture in your photos!
    Love !

  • Laura
    Posted at 09:01h, 22 November Reply

    This wedding is so awesome! I love her expressions while reading the card in the beginning. And the significance of the Dave Matthews song throughout is so neat!

  • katie :)
    Posted at 09:13h, 22 November Reply

    Omg this is amazing! the pictures truly tell a story and I totally feel like i was there!!! Congrats guys!

  • ashley barnett
    Posted at 09:18h, 22 November Reply

    It’s obvious how much they love each other – they are so cute! :)

  • Jordan
    Posted at 10:02h, 22 November Reply

    Brea, you’re fantastic. Jamie and Tommy are gorgeous…ugh. My mind is so blown by how perfect this wedding was that I can’t even comprehend the correct words to describe how much I love all of this.

  • Alison Harper
    Posted at 10:37h, 22 November Reply

    What a perfect wedding. I just love all of the details. Great shooting Brea!!

  • Lauren C
    Posted at 10:51h, 22 November Reply

    WHAT?! That first shot! Are you kidding me? Does it get any more magical and perfect than that?! All those night shots are fantastic. I love how a couple of us photographers have been trying out some cigar shots lately. And I love all their wood burning accents at the reception.

  • Laurie Kimbel
    Posted at 10:54h, 22 November Reply

    These photos capture every fantastic moment of Tommy & Jamie’s wedding day. As I look at these pictures, I am flooded with emotion. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  • Michael and Carina Photography
    Posted at 13:12h, 22 November Reply

    Stupendous!! Really, such a great mix of natural light off camera lighting. Well done!!

  • Ashley Durance
    Posted at 13:24h, 22 November Reply

    Absolutely fantastic!!

  • Jamie THE BRIDE
    Posted at 14:37h, 22 November Reply

    Brea you are amazing, it really was the day I’ve dreamt about my whole life and you captured every moment of it. I can’t thank you enough, I love you and your work! Xoxo

  • tPoz
    Posted at 09:49h, 25 November Reply

    amazing wedding! beautiful images – love the last set at night!! EPIC cake smash & I love their First Dance song.

  • Katie
    Posted at 17:00h, 25 November Reply

    This wedding is AMAZING Brea!!! Absolutely love it!!

  • Nastja
    Posted at 15:00h, 30 November Reply

    Wow, I’m speechless, these are wonderful! I love love love the details and what a beautiful bouquet. You captured the love beautifully!!!

  • Cassandra
    Posted at 21:05h, 23 July Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous! We are planning a wedding for 2015 and I stumbled on this blog and very surprised by the beautiful photos. Great job and would love to speak with you.

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