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Below you can read some reviews written by our former wedding couples. Rather than trying to fit all 215+ reviews on this one page, we chose just a few to highlight along with photos from their weddings and links to see more. If you’d like to read more reviews from real clients, click here to do so on WeddingWire.com.

Avonda + Mycal

Phenomenal photojournalist who captures each moment!

Where do I begin? My wife and I were absolutely blown away by her and her team!
When we first met, Brea went to great lengths to get to know us individuals and as a couple. She asked us specific questions about our story, our personalities, and our vision for the wedding. When she described her photography style as “photojournalism” with an emphasis on capture moments, we couldn’t have been more excited! Suffice it to say, she and her team did not disappoint!
Our engagement shoots (which were two fold) included shots at a local gym and Baltimore’s scenic waterfront. When our friends saw the photos, they were blown away. In fact, they called her the “light master” because she has total control of light. This is important because my wife and I were concerned about the variance in our complexion. However, Brea’s work spoke for itself! She is totally a “master of light”!

Leading up to and on the day of the wedding, Brea made sure we had relevant permits for photography. She made sure she was clear on the schedule. She was extremely detail oriented and timely. Trust me when I tell you that her and her team do not miss a single moment – from my ugly crying, romantic glimpses, to goofy laughter, she is an invisible artiste! In short, there are not enough words.

In many ways, Brea was not just a photographer, not even just a photojournalist, but became a trusted extended member of our friendship circle.
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Rebecca + Ryan

Above and beyond

Hiring Brea as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made. Her vibe is exactly what you want on your wedding day – friendly, calm, and great at taking a million pictures of the wedding ceremony/reception without guests even realizing she is there. Her colleagues Jim and Brooke were also wonderful to work with.
A few days before our wedding, my father ended up in the hospital and we weren’t sure whether he would be able to come to the wedding. We started making a tentative plan to have our ceremony at the hospital, and when I told Brea, she immediately asked where and when and said she would be there (even though the ceremony would have been outside of the time we had booked her.) She really is the best. Luckily, my dad was able to come to the wedding and Brea beautifully captured how everyone felt as he spoke at our reception.
Our wedding photos are absolutely stunning – we have received so many compliments from our family and friends. It rained (a lot) all day, and Brea made the most of it – finding great spots around the hotel for our couple’s photos and taking truly magical shots of us in the rain at night. She went above and beyond in every way. Hire her! Seriously! Do it now!
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Sarah + Logan

The title of Photographer doesn’t do her any justice

I’m not going to drone on about her photos because they speak for themselves, just look at her portfolio. They’re genuine, and incredibly unique. But lots of people can take good photos right? Maybe. But when you hire Brea you don’t just end up with a photographer, you end up with someone who treats you like she’s your lifelong best friend. She doesn’t just take pictures, she commits to making your day special. It’s not a job, its her passion. So if you’re on the fence because you can find someone less expensive I want you to consider this: she literally ran around during my reception, as I was dancing putting pins in my hair once it started falling out… all while still getting those amazing photos. She does not stop, I honestly don’t know where she gets her energy from, she is everywhere and catches all the intimate moments. She also helped my FMIL bustle my dress, and helped bring my dress to the venue for me so that it would be one less thing I had to worry about. She even sent us previews from our wedding WHILE THE RECEPTION WAS STILL GOING ON.
Phenomenal doesn’t cover it, she is worth every cent. And let me tell you, I’ve been to weddings where they skimped on photography and it shows. We had a lot of weather related issues with our engagement session as they were outside but Brea worked with us every step of the way and made sure we had pictures in time for us to send out our save the dates. She is not awkward and she doesn’t just point and shoot. She makes you feel so comfortable to be in front of the camera (something I am not) because she treats you like she does her friends. She is always trying to make the experience authentic and memorable. It’s not just about her photos, its about the experience. Book her before its too late, I promise you won’t regret it.
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Ariel + Sri

Brea is Sensational

Brea is a magician, a rockstar and the most amazing photographer to document your wedding. She was remarkable, captured all of the moments without being intrusive or overbearing and made it fun. She got us a large sample of photos insanely quickly so we were able to relive the magic. Her skills are so amazing, going through the gallery transports us back to the wedding, to all of the joy and love that was present at our wedding.

Every single guest, friend, family and facebook connection that saw the photos raved about Brea and her team and were astounded at quality of the photos. We hired her Brea in 2019, she stuck with us through a wedding reschedule, an engagement shoot out of town and a two day wedding celebration finally in March of 2022. She was easy to work with in the planning stage, and super responsive. She made posed photos less awkward, and captured so many authentic candid moments that we are so overwhelmed with favorite photos and can’t narrow it down. There are infinite great things to say about how great she is and how special she’ll make the day. She is amazing, hire her. Now. You will not regret it.

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Rachel + Billy

YOU NEED TO HIRE BREA!! Seriously. She is the best.

I do not even know where to start with this review of Brea, she is just indescribably amazing! We were first drawn to Brea when looking through her online portfolio and realizing how artfully she captures real moments – not in a light-and-airy-wedding-vibes sort of way, but in a what-it-was-like-to-really-be-there sort of way. She was exactly what we were looking for.

We had a zoom call with her during Covid and immediately clicked. I mean, hung up the call and said “let’s go with her” 2 seconds later. The process was seamless. Brea was so helpful leading up to the wedding with creating the timeline – she worked closely with our day-of coordinator to ensure that there would be ample time for photos and make sure we wouldn’t feel rushed on the day. She ensured that our day went smoothly, and basically acted as our day-of coordinator before the start of the ceremony as we traveled around to different locations for photos. She sent us a questionnaire a few weeks before the wedding to make sure she knew every detail of what we were looking for – which family shots, how many detail photos of the reception, any particular family dynamics she should be knowledgeable about – it was amazing and so thorough.

On our wedding day, she was an absolute PLEASURE to be around. We had met before for our engagement shoot, and immediately hit it off with her and her second shooter Tommy. To have them both there for our wedding day felt like seeing old friends. Brea’s team captured EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. of our day. I mean every single one. She delivered our gallery in less than three weeks (totally unheard of, ridiculously fast, and during the complete chaos of the 2021 fall wedding season), and looking through the 1,000+ photos felt like actually reliving our day. We will never be able to thank Brea enough for capturing our wedding day so perfectly and beautifully. My husband and I can’t stop scrolling through our photo gallery and saying to each other, “this is why we hired Brea” – because she just has this way of capturing people that shows exactly what the day was like and how everyone felt. She is DELIGHTFUL to be around, she sneakily captures the most beautiful moments without you even realizing she is there, and she is an absolute expert at her craft. Brea is a must-have for your wedding. We truly cannot recommend her enough.

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Emily + Ricky

Incredibly talented photographer!

Brea is absolutely phenomenal. She captured so much beautiful and raw emotion from the day, that brought us to tears just looking back at the pictures. Her photos will leave you speechless. Brea’s specialty is really capturing those candid moments throughout the day. She works hard to make you comfortable acting natural around the camera and it really pays off when you see photos of moments that you didn’t even realize you wanted on camera.

Her team is just as talented as she is. We had Jim and Courtney helping for our wedding, and the three of them worked so seamlessly together. Brea even stepped in to help, above and beyond the expectations of a photographer when we needed a quick hand with hair touch-up, wedding gown buttons and flowers.

To sum up Brea in a nutshell, our best man sent us a note after seeing the final photos saying simply, “thanks for reminding me how bad our own wedding photographer was.”

Brea has been with us to capture our proposal, our engagement photos and now our wedding day. We can’t wait to work with her again one day, and know she will be our family photographer for life.

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Tyler + Kevin

Came for the photography, left with a friend (AND INCREDIBLE photos!)

I put off writing this review because I know I can not do Brea justice with my words, but I need to start somewhere and I need you to know how capable, professional, talented, and FUN she is as a photographer.

From the first virtual consult, we knew she was the right fit. She connected effortlessly with my husband and me and chatting with her on Facetime felt more like catching up with an old friend than it did meeting our photographer for the first time. Any anxiety I had about the photo-taking process (which was a lot) was dispelled and I found myself getting excited that someone would be documenting the day. For a shy, introverted, and self-conscious guy like me that is saying something!

Brea was wonderfully flexible with us and allowed us to select a package that included engagement photos, but opt out of taking them at the typical time folks get those done before the wedding day. We elected to instead have a relaxed family shoot (with our pup, Oscar) in the Spring of the next year, and she accommodated that as a part of our package.

That family shoot day was a blast! Her assistant, Jim, was a champ that day and handled our strong dog despite Oscar’s best attempts to drag him around by the leash. I was anxious about looking and feeling awkward on camera but her instructions, suggestions, and guidance were effective, efficient, warm, and patient. There were some poses and angles that I could not fathom making good photos, and I was proven incredibly wrong when we got those photos back. Every single one captured moments, emotions, and attractions between my partner and me that I did not know a camera could capture. We got edits of her favorite shots that same night, and the complete portfolio was done shortly after that. The turnaround was weeks before I anticipated!

The day of the wedding was another exemplar of their creativity, vision, and patience. We were married in Old Ellicott City on the hottest day of summer, and we set out to take photos around the city at high noon. My partner and I were sweaty, cranky, and immensely thankful that Brea, Jim, and their third assistant were there to magically make the process still fun despite the circumstances. Same as the first photoshoot, they took shots in areas I didn’t know existed and at angles that confused me, but when we got the photos back every single one made me beam. The town looked magical, and they captured the anticipation and excitement that was laying underneath our complaints about the heat!

During the wedding, I barely registered they were there. I am sure that was partly due to being so busy with the day and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from our family and friends, but I’m also suspicious that maybe Brea and her team ARE capable of magic and made themselves invisible. The photos highlighting the dancing, conversation, and tender moments make it look like the camera was up close and in our faces, but they truly were not!

Camera magic, I can not explain it any other way. I do not know how she and her team do it, but I am oh so glad we had her on our team to do it. I am even more thankful that she got to know us beyond the lens of her camera, that we got to know about her, and that I can confidently say that I had an ally and a friend as my photographer at my wedding.

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Rachel + Joe

Unbelievable photos, even better people.

I think my husband and I may be more excited about Brea’s unbelievable photos than we are about getting married to each other. (Kidding! Kind of.) Honestly, we’re just totally obsessed with Brea’s work. We could sense from the very beginning of wedding planning that her images, which are filled with joy, energy, action, color, and intensity, were exactly how we wanted our day captured. After looking at a few photographers who seemed to just take outdoor photos in natural light, we were so excited to find Brea who is a was brilliant at lighting and indoor venues. Working with Brea and her team was easy, fun, and low-stress – so appreciated during the planning process. Brea helped us think through timeline and details, but on the day of was so flexible as things inevitably shift around. We just loved having her, Tommy, and Brooke with us on the day of. They were all there for laughs, helped wrangle family, and ensured we got all the special moments of the day captured. We have no idea how they did it – we didn’t even sense them in our space, but they captured every moment of the wedding many different ways from every different angle. We also didn’t realize how much we would appreciate the speed with which Brea delivered our photos. Literally less than 24 hours after the wedding Brea had sent us some some sneak peaks, which was such fun to have – it capitalized on all the wedding energy and we got to share them with family and friends. This was the best money we spent and not only did we get photos we’ll cherish forever, we really felt like we got a friend in Brea and are so excited to work with her again throughout our lives!

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Molly + Martin

Our Photographer for Life

We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for our engagement and wedding; we feel so fortunate to have found Brea. When searching for our engagement photographer, we looked for pictures that were warm and charming (not stiff poses and/or blinding bright skies). What made Brea stand out from the rest was her portfolio, a literal showcase of those small moments people often miss, but, when caught on camera, can be treasured for a lifetime.

During our engagement session Brea did a tremendous job showing us how to pose in a natural way that would create beautiful pictures. After seeing our early morning cherry blossom pictures we knew there was no one else we wanted to photograph our wedding.

Fortunately, Brea was willing to travel for our Colorado wedding. Unfortunately, because of COVID we had to scrap our original wedding plans in Colorado for a “minimony” in DC at the last minute. With four weeks before our wedding, Brea understood completely and willing to work with us, even whipping up a new wedding timeline now that we no longer had our day-of planner. Brea encouraged us to be our “weird selves” on the big day; she caught some of our favorite moments, ones that reflect our personalities. Throughout the day Brea did a great job not disrupting these moments as she weaved in and out with her camera. She felt like one of our wedding guests … who just happens to take amazing pictures.

What we found in Brea was not only a photographer (and new friend) to capture this chapter of our lives, but someone to capture the rest of our lives. In addition to wedding ceremonies she does family photos as a day in the life, capturing an average day of a family. As we plan to grow our family over the years, we know that we will continue to hire her and look forward to a home with a gallery wall filled with pictures she took of our family from the beginning.

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Jess + Raymond

DREAM wedding photos!!!

Hiring Brea was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! On the wedding day, Brea and Tommy, as well as their assistant Brooke, went above and beyond capturing every detail. We are obsessed with how beautifully our ceremony was shot. The photos immediately bring us back to all the happiness and beauty that we shared on that day. When we received the photos, literally everything we could have hoped to see and even pictures we didn’t even expect were in our album. Also, we loved how all of our guests look radiant on the dance floor and socializing during the reception. The action shots from the dance floor are like nothing we’ve ever seen, where it seems like there wasn’t one impressive dance move that was missed. Brea and Tommy were also just amazing general support to our wedding day. We were both a little nervous before our first look and immediately after we had our first look we were both at ease and even more excited for the ceremony ahead. There were also times when Brea took it upon herself to troubleshoot some issues like my broken bustle and she kept me calm and also had a solution to allow me to get back on the dance floor without being tripped.

We opted to not have a videographer and instead look for a perfect photographer to record our wedding day and we would absolutely make this decision a hundred times over by hiring Brea. We’ve never received more compliments about anything than we have about our wedding photos. Brea works magic. We will no doubt use Brea to photograph other future life events for us.

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Arielle + Rob

Brea & Tommy were amazing…

I can’t even begin to explain how much everyone loved them. We planned our wedding from across the country, and Brea was one of the recommendations I got from a friend that lives in the area. I looked at all of the websites, and kept coming back to Brea’s. There were lots of great photos on her site, and NONE of them were boring- I kept wanting to know the story behind all of the images.

Then we talked to her, and she was great- very helpful in helping us get organized for a timeline of the wedding day that allowed her to get the photos we wanted. This was the first time in a long time the whole family was together, so we had her get family photos too! Brea was so friendly and nice over the phone, and was so willing to answer all of our questions, even though it took us a long time to pick a photographer due to some other circumstances.

Then on the day of the wedding, she and Tommy were truly awesome. They were able to get a ton of great photos, and kept that interminable time between the end of the ceremony and food (my LEAST favorite part of weddings) to a minimum, even with a bunch of family photos that we wanted. A lot of the time, no one even noticed that they were taking photos- they got photos of the ceremony without getting in everyone’s field of view. Brea got our first few shots up in two days, and the rest within 2 weeks!!!! I cried when I saw the first set, and then have looked at our photos multiple times a day since we got them. Every time I look at them all I see is all of the emotions – all of the moments- that she and Tommy captured, and I love them both for it!

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Mary Ellen + Meredith

Fall in love with your wedding photos!

Brea is so ridiculously good at what she does that it’s hard for me to even write a review without sounding like a stalker. When we started looking for a venue, we searched online for photos of venues, and several times, I came across Brea’s site. Each time, I was struck by the emotions in her photographs. I was literally tearing up looking at photos of couples I had never met! That’s what I wanted. Brea herself is awesome – she’s smart and funny and quiet and brilliant at her craft. When we did our engagement photos, you could see her excitement and her gears spinning as she surveyed the area to see what shots would work best. One of my favorite parts about our wedding photos is that, other than the few posed photos we requested, all our photos are amazing candids that show the absolute joy, emotion, and feeling of the day. Brea is a true photojournalist, capturing tiny moments to create the story of the day. All our emotions live in those photos. I can look back and see the silly looks we gave each other, the outpouring of tears and emotion during our vows, the insanity of our friends and family on the dance floor. The photos are absolutely incredible. And Brea herself is incredible. Do yourself a favor – stop looking. Hire Brea. Fall in love with your wedding photos!

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Jen + Paul

Her Photos Capture Moments in Time.

Choosing Brea to capture the most important day of our lives (so far) was by far the best decision we made in our wedding planning process, and the single best investment we made in our budgeting.

When I began my photographer search, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of choices we had, and the fact that so many of the pictures looked exactly the same. I knew I wanted amazing photos that captured all of the things we felt during our wedding day. Brea does just that.

Brea creates art; her photos capture moments in time, and looking back through our wedding pictures brings back the same emotions that we felt that day. They are full of life, happiness, and love, and I have no doubt that we will continue to “feel all the feels” looking through them when we are no longer newlyweds. Her pictures are not only beautiful, but they are meant to be hung on a wall for years and years to come.

Beyond taking beautiful pictures that belong in magazines (literally, you will feel like your pictures are straight out of a bridal magazine. Or a major motion picture. Starring you and your husband.), Brea was an incredibly calming presence during our wedding. I loved having her around because she cracked jokes with us, kept us on schedule, and made faces with me when all of the posed photos got on my nerves. Her team is incredibly professional and talented, and I would absolutely suggest adding a second shooter.

It’s also worth noting that her turn around time is unparalleled within the industry; she overdelivered on both number of photos promised and delivery date for both our engagement session and our wedding. We literally had every wedding picture (edited!) less than two weeks after the ceremony. She also blogged 20+ pictures three days following the wedding, providing more than enough teasers to hold us over until the full gallery.

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Gabby + Max

Brea with Photography By Brea was the very first person we hired during the wedding planning process.

That was because we knew we wanted the ABSOLUTE BEST photographer for our wedding, and there’s no way you’ll find better than Brea! We met with her and clicked immediately, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have had her be part of our special day! Her work is beautiful, she’s incredibly professional, and such amazing value for the quality of work she produces and all the additional components she includes in her wedding packages. My husband absolutely HATES taking pictures, and still hasn’t stopped singing Brea’s praises for making him feel comfortable and confident on our wedding day. The team she brought with her to our wedding was impeccable! When you’re working with Brea, you can be sure that you’re getting the absolute best photographer (wedding or otherwise) that you could possibly find! I’ve perused my wedding photos every day since we got them literally JUST TWO WEEKS AFTER OUR WEDDING and am STILL obsessed with them! She’s the best decision we made for our wedding, and I’ll be forever grateful for the way she perfectly captured our wedding day.

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Maria + Joe

Last dance at wedding in Baltimore

We will treasure these photos for a lifetime.

When my now husband and I first interviewed Brea we knew whichever photographer we picked we wanted someone that would capture the joy and essence of our day. On the ride to her studio we agreed we would have a “code word” that we one of us would say during the meeting to know if it was a fit or not. Joe picked the word “watermelon.” I thought how the heck was one of us going to work this into the discussion if it came to that but after we shared what we were looking for and we saw the emotion in her eyes we knew we could stop our search. Before we knew it Joe was talking to her about the wedding menu and telling her that “watermelon” would be on the menu.

Brea and her team (Tommy and Jim) captured our day in the best way possible. We just viewed the wedding day photos and we were moved to tears. The emotion jumps off the print and it is exactly what we wanted. We have three young kids that we knew would be fidgety during the formal pictures at the church and Brea and her team we so efficient and so organized. We got done with the pictures and onto the party! We got to see so much of what we missed during the reception because they were literally everywhere capturing everyone’s joy. Through photos we literally got to just relive the day again. We opted for a family portrait session instead of a typical engagement session because we do have three kids. It was 95 degrees and about 85% humidity. I didn’t think they would have captured a single good shot but we were left speechless by the beautiful sunset photos. She has all of the right equipment coupled with the right artistic eye to see what is possible. Brea is super responsive, professional but most of all passionate for what she does and it shows in her work. It was our honor to have her and her team part of our family for two days. We will treasure these photos for a lifetime. The entire family could not stop raving about the photos they had seen thus far- she is amazing. Amazing.

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Ali + Brendan

Brea has an amazing talent for capturing people as they truly are.

You can feel the emotion through her photographs, even the subtle ones. Brea’s ability to catch candidness really sets her apart, and this is exactly how my husband and I want to remember our wedding day. Brea is so easy going, a total professional and an absolute pleasure to work with – she was a big part of our dream team of vendors! At our wedding, she was like a ninja, gracefully negotiating the space and snapping so many sweet and fun moments. Brea had a big part in keeping our timeline also, which I will forever be grateful for. Managing my family is like herding cats. All in all, Brea made us feel so comfortable and with the experience of having our engagement photos taken by her, we had 100% confidence she was going to do an amazing job portraying our wedding. And I can’t forget to mention her turn around time is unparalleled… She got us some sneak peek photos a few days later, and our wedding gallery delivered within a few weeks. I know most people wait months to see their wedding photos. This is a real bonus to Brea’s service! She is the only photographer I will be contacting for life events! We just love her!

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Kacie + Shawn

Emotional wedding photo by Baltimore wedding photographer Breanna Shaw

We love Brea!!

We cannot say enough AMAZING things about Brea!! First off, we know her personally as we are also wedding vendors who have worked with her many many times before and we have also become friends!! Before me and my husband even got engaged I knew I wanted Brea to be our photographer. I never even considered anyone else. It had to be her! And I am SO glad we were able to book her. Brea captures every moment perfectly! She not only captured the love between me and my husband, but also captured the love between our family and friends. She captured moments I never even knew I wanted to see. While every photo is perfect I truly value her ability to get AMAZING candids. Her photos are so honest and heartfelt, they express so many beautiful, even funny, emotions! She captures moments that you will cherish for a lifetime! Not only that but her team is amazing! Her and Tommy have such great chemistry and are both easy going fun people. They both love what they do and it shows! You HAVE to hire Photography by Brea. We cannot thank you enough!!

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