Karrianne + Steve | Ostertag Vistas Wedding

October 7, 2014 Karrianne + Steve | Ostertag Vistas Wedding

This Saturday, Karrianne and Steve had the most beautiful wedding day. Much like their engagement session, we were a little cold, but they were so happy it didn’t matter. There were so many beautiful moments, and the daddy-daughter first look is easily one of my favorite moments on a wedding day that I’ve ever experienced. I don’t even have the words for how much FUN this wedding was, so I have LOTS of photos to share and they’ll speak for me :)

Thanks to Jennifer Smutek as always for being the best partner in crime, and Jordan Solander from Event Pro DJs for bringing the party! What a blast!

Ostertag Vistas is such a gorgeous rustic Maryland venue and I loved being back here! Can’t wait for the next time in a few short weeks :)


Karrianne’s dress is too beautiful!


Love these beautiful flowers combined with Karri’s gorgeous jewelry!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0347 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0348 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0349ostertag-vistas-wedding_0351

Such a radiant bride!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0352 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0353 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0354 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0355

Oh gosh this was just too much… I love these two so much!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0356 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0357 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0358 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0359 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0360 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0361 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0362

And this is when they noticed I was crying too and laughed at me.

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0363 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0364

Then it was time to see her groom! I loved this one too!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0365 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0366 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0367

Karri: “Do you like it?”


Steve: “YEAH MAN!”


Such a beautiful couple!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0370 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0371 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0372 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0373 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0374 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0375 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0376 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0377 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0378 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0379 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0380

I love that Karrianne included her friend Dan in her bridal party! The bridesmaids and man!



Steve’s sister said she only makes funny faces. I think it makes this photo.


The handsome men! And also the only serious photo they took. Haha.


Their interpretation of the ‘slow walk’ groomsmen photo.



Which only got more and more ridiculous.

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0385 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0386

Love this!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0387 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0388

The girls!


I love the spot that they chose to have their ceremony! The willow tree is such a gorgeous location!


Until of course, it attacks the groom.

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0391 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0392ostertag-vistas-wedding_0394 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0395 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0396 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0397 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0398 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0399 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0400ostertag-vistas-wedding_0402 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0403 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0404


ostertag-vistas-wedding_0405 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0406 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0407

These two are seriously the cutest!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0408 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0409 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0410

They were introduced into cocktail hour! So fun!


The barn was so so gorgeous! I love all of the decorations! DIY by Karri, her friend Dan and her dad!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0412 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0413

A special brew by the bride and groom!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0414 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0415

Also beyond obsessed with this cake!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0416 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0417 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0418 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0419 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0420

Such a beautiful first dance!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0421 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0422

A lovely speech from dad!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0423 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0424

HILARIOUS toasts, followed by a ‘much needed’ prayer, according to their pastor.


I love Karri and her dad’s relationship – much like I am, she’s a daddy’s girl. :)


Such beautiful families!


Aaaand the party was a complete BLAST! I have NEVER seen a dance floor like this. Way to bring it, Jordan!


There’s also an excessive amount of selfies of me with guests. We had fun ;)

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0429 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0430 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0431

Thankfully to cap off the night, we had a gorgeous sunset!

ostertag-vistas-wedding_0432 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0433 ostertag-vistas-wedding_0434

Karri + Steve, I hope you guys are having a blast on your honeymoon so far! Saturday was amazing and I loved being a part of it! Love you guys and can’t wait to talk to you when you get back and hear all about your travels! <3


Venue: Ostertag Vistas
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Second Photographer: Jennifer Smutek
DJ: Jordan Solander – Event Pro DJs
Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Cassell
Videographer: Dan Doran
Officiant: Pastor Tim Kielley 
Caterer: The Carriage House
Bakery: Amber Burns Scobie
Dress: Amanda Ritchey Bridal
Florist: Floral Expressions by Jennifer
Hair: Lisa Jones-Butz and Megan Little
Makeup: Cassie McIntyre
Invitations: Melinda Baier
Transportation: A Touch of Class Limousine



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 05:48h, 07 October Reply

    I love this wedding! It may have been cold outside, but it was filled with warmth and love on the inside!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 07:40h, 07 October Reply

    What a gorgeous venue and a beautiful couple! I love the father-daughter first look! So emotional!

  • Laura
    Posted at 12:00h, 07 October Reply

    I love them all especially those reception shots! What a fun party!

  • Keri
    Posted at 14:15h, 07 October Reply

    Unfortunately I could not make the wedding because I live on the other side of the country, but these photos make me feel as though I was there! Thank you so much for posting such a beautiful blog entry dedicated to this special day. The pics of Karri and her dad are priceless and the joy on Karri and Steve’s faces truly express that this was the best day of their lives :) Congrats Karri and Steve!! xo

  • Dani
    Posted at 14:35h, 07 October Reply

    My goodness. This bride truly is radiant just like you said. I love her laughter and smile. Their portraits are beyond gorgeous!! I absolutely love them!!

  • Kathy
    Posted at 15:17h, 07 October Reply

    These two look like SO MUCH FUN! :) The night time portraits are killer – that sky!!! :D Beautiful job!

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