2015 Recap | Behind the Scenes

December 23, 2015 2015 Recap | Behind the Scenes

2015 was an amazing year for Photography by Brea! We had over 40 weddings when you include the mid-week elopements, and 61 portrait sessions. That’s a lot of work, but man, time flies when you’re having fun! Today’s post is a recap of all of that awesome fun along the way! You’ve seen the gorgeous photos from each of these, now you get to see what it’s like on the other side of the camera :)

I don’t ask my second shooters or assistants to take photos of me working, so this is mostly compiled of selfies, lighting tests, etc. In short – it’s a lot of pictures of the amazing people that help me out on a wedding day doing work, and me being silly.


Jeana is really good at walking while I test my lighting.bts_1188 bts_1189 bts_1186
This was I think the third or fourth time I asked her to walk into this particular space. Whoops. lol
bts_1185 bts_1190
Cheer up, Jeana!bts_1194 bts_1195
She’s also really good at standing still while testing my lightingbts_1193 bts_1197bts_1200 bts_1202 bts_1203 bts_1182
She’s an expert dress fluffer.
bts_1205 bts_1199 bts_1187
I sometimes fluff dresses too.
We also walk into rooms for each other when Jeana’s not around. This ends up with lots of pictures of us taking pictures of each other.
bts_1237 bts_1234 bts_1263bts_1233bts_1238bts_1236bts_1259
Valerie puts us all to shame with her modeling.
We cut cakes. And by cut cakes, I mean stand awkwardly by the cake while the other person gets their settings set. So it often evolves quickly into something ridiculous.
bts_1227 bts_1229 bts_1228 bts_1226 bts_1265 bts_1264 bts_1267 bts_1266 bts_1184bts_1221 bts_1225 bts_1223 bts_1222
This year will also go down in history as the year that Jen got a wide enough lens to take selfies with her big camera. She was finally able to join me in the selfie game at weddings. There are also many selfies of us with guests, but because I didn’t think of marking them for this post throughout the year, it’ll take too long to go back and find them, so here are just some selfies of us.

This was the first one ever. When Jen realized “I can take selfies now!!”
When I can’t find Jeana, I use selfies to test my light. Here I was using MagMod grids for ceremony lighting (This was our last wedding! You can see the results here.) and I needed to figure out where the light was falling/where I needed them to stand.
Mandy helped me out twice this year! Love that girl!
We selfie with each other.
We selfie with our clients and friends.
Thanks to Valerie for this non-selfie with one of my all time favorite couples!
I selfie with my husband when I shoot our best friends’ wedding!
I selfie with my bride friends.
and then both of my bride friends.
and my bride friends and DJ friends
and my bride friends, dj friend and video friend! #dreamteam
Speaking of our vendor friends, it never feels like work when you have amazing clients and an incredible vendor team.

The guys at Clickspark create the most beautiful wedding films. You’ll cry watching the wedding day of strangers, every time. But when it’s the wedding video of your friends? Good luck composing yourself.
Zach is the best dress hanger and an expert nuzzler.
He’s also so tall that I can stand under his tripod without needing to hunch over.
Jordan always brings the party.
bts_1251 bts_1277bts_1243
And we like to jam out together.
And our couples jam out while we get lighting set too.
We sometimes get pulled onto the dance floor.
bts_1241 bts_1240 bts_1239 bts_1242
bts_1230 bts_1232 bts_1235
We are expert wobblers.bts_1250
And expert photoboothers.
bts_1217 bts_1218 bts_1278
All of the fun/silliness aside, we do actually work too – don’t worry.
bts_1252 bts_1253 bts_1255 bts_1254 bts_1258 bts_1261 bts_1262 bts_1249 bts_1248 bts_1246 bts_1247 bts_1191
And while we’re having all of that fun, we create magic.
bts_1271bts_1273 bts_1274
Thank you to all of our amazing couples for making this job a dream job! We love creating beautiful images for you, and making it a fun experience! Cheers to the new year!



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 13:22h, 23 December Reply

    This is the best!!!! We had so much fun this year and this may be my most favorite post ever! Time to work on my selfie game.

  • Carly Fuller
    Posted at 14:08h, 23 December Reply

    Sooooo many awesomely fun behind the scenes photos from your yearly recap!

  • Brooke
    Posted at 14:20h, 23 December Reply

    Love this post, Brea!! It is so fun to see all the behind the scenes :)

  • Sarah Wockenfuss
    Posted at 15:09h, 23 December Reply

    It looks like you had a fun year! I like all of your outfits, they all look very comfy (:

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