Turf Valley Wedding in Baltimore, Maryland | Jenna + John

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August 31, 2016 Turf Valley Wedding in Baltimore, Maryland | Jenna + John

This Saturday’s wedding is one of the most beautiful and hilarious weddings I’ve ever photographed. Seriously, these people know how to have a good time. Buckle up, this Turf Valley wedding is one for the books.

About the Couple

Jenna and John met in 2011 through mutual friends. A few months after their first meeting, John ran into one of Jenna’s girlfriends and told her to say hi to Jenna. Her reply? “Do it yourself!” And so he did! He asked her on a date, but it was the week of Valentine’s day and they were pretty much complete strangers, so he told her to pick any day but Valentine’s day. A gesture that Jenna appreciated – who needs that extra pressure on a first date? They went to Chazz’s for Italian food and talked the night away. At the end of the night, after a few minutes of chatting in the car, Jenna proceeded to give John “a big awkward high five” to end the date, which he gladly accepted. And here we are, years later, celebrating their love and marriage!

The Wedding

This is one of my favorite blog posts of all time. This wedding is just beautiful. The people, the location, the decor. But not only is it beautiful, it was also an absolute blast. There are so many wonderful moments during the early part of the day, and hysterical ones through the latter part of the day. My team and I spent the better part of the evening laughing our butts off. We had a blast and so did everyone else involved. Jenna and John – thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding, it was amazing and I’ve loved getting to know you! I’m so pumped to share just a sampling of my favorite images on the blog today!

Turf Valley Wedding Photos

Turf Valley Wedding Dress in Window Photo jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0238 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0241 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0242 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0240 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0239 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0243 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0244 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0245 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0247 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0246 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0248 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0253 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0250 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0249 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0251 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0254 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0255 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0256 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0257 Turf Valley Wedding First look jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0259jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0342 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0260jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0261 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0262 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0263 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0264 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0266 Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraitsjenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0268 Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraits Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraits jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0271 Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraits Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraits jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0273 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0275 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0277 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0278 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0279 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0280 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0281 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0282 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0283 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0284 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0285 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0286 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0287 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0288 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0289 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0290 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0291 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0292 Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Sunset Portraits Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Sunset Portraitsjenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0299Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Sunset Portraits jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0343 Turf Valley Wedding Bride and Groom Portraitsjenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0294 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0293 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0305 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0306 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0307 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0308 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0309 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0310 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0311 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0304 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0312 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0313 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0314 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0316 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0317 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0318 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0319 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0320 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0321 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0322 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0323 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0324 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0325 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0326 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0327 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0328 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0329 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0330 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0331 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0333 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0334 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0332 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0336jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0341 jenna-john-turf-valley-wedding_0340


Band: Prime Time
Officiant: Deacon Frederick Bauerschmidt
Bakery: Debi’s Cake Studio
Caterer: Turf Valley
Bridal Gown Designer: Martina LianaGarnish Boutique
Hair and Beyond Brides
Florist: Mother of the groom, Debbie Mangione, and Event Pro Live
Rentals/Linens: Event Pro, Whiteglove Rentals, Baltimore’s Best



  • Christa Rae Settle
    Posted at 08:44h, 31 August Reply

    Oh my gosh, Brea! These are all so beautiful!! I’m obsessed with the bride’s dress!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 11:05h, 31 August Reply

    Oh WOW!!!! I think this is my new favorite wedding of yours! You captured so many wonderful moments and they just look so happy together. She is absolutely STUNNING and I’m loving her dress- so elegant!

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