Thorpewood Wedding Photos | Thurmont, Maryland | Leanna + Andrew

September 21, 2016 Thorpewood Wedding Photos | Thurmont, Maryland | Leanna + Andrew

This Saturday’s ThorpeWood Wedding was filled with so much love and emotion. Nearly everyone cried, including me, many times. It was such a beautiful day, celebrating two incredible humans.

About the Couple

Mentioned many times during various wedding speeches and even during their vows, Andrew pined for Leanna for quite some time (literally years) before she finally accepted his offer to go out in 2013- realizing, in her words, that he wasn’t so bad. Over time, they developed a deep friendship, and in 2014 that friendship turned into a relationship, which turned into love. They moved in together, adopted a sister cat for Leanna’s cat, moved again, and mutually decided to get married. Andrew wanted to do an official proposal anyway, and they had agreed on no public proposals. Leanna guessed his proposal plan immediately, making it difficult to surprise her. The next day, they went to dinner at their favorite restaurant and where Andrew proposed after a delicious meal.  As Leanna says, “So really, the lesson of the story is that if you guess your surprise you’re definitely going to get what you least expect and maybe even what you requested not happen, but you will still cry a little and then you can eat dessert.”

The Wedding

Leanna and Andrew’s wedding at ThorpeWood was as beautiful as it was emotional. Leanna’s blush wedding gown was absolutely gorgeous as were the flower by Local Color Flowers. There were so many wonderful personal touches throughout the day. They had a friend officiate the ceremony (who did an absolutely amazing job) – they had friends perform the ceremony music – and as soon as we heard it start, Leanna, her mother and I were all in tears, which was only the first of many times I cried. All weddings are wonderful reminders of how loved a couple is, and this day was a beautiful tribute to Leanna and Andrew. In short, it was an amazing day, for two really incredible human beings, and I’m so honored they chose me to capture it all.

Huge thanks to my friend Farid for being amazing and second shooting with me!

ThorpeWood Wedding Photos

leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0564 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0567 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0568 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0574 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0575 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0563 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0569 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0571 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0572 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0573 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0576 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0577 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0579 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0580 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0581 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0582 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0585 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0583 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0584 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0586 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0590leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0587 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0589 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0592 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0593 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0594 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0595 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0596 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0597 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0598 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0599 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0600 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0601 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0604 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0603 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0605 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0607 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0609 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0606 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0610leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0608leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0602 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0611 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0613 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0615 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0612 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0614 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0616 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0617 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0618 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0619 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0620 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0621 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0622 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0623 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0624 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0625 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0626 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0627 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0628 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0629 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0631 leanna-andrew-thorpewood-wedding_0630


Lexi Hartner
DJ: Shew-sical
Ceremony Musicians: Friends of the couple
Officiant: Friend of the couple
Caterer: Canapés Catering
Bridal Gown: Stella YorkAmy’s Bridal Boutique
Hair Stylist: Up Do’s For I Do’s
Makeup Artist: MADE Makeup
Florist: Local Color Flowers
Wedding Stationery: Papersushi



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 09:22h, 21 September Reply

    I love this wedding! They are so sweet together and their portraits are amazing!

  • ashton
    Posted at 12:20h, 21 September Reply

    Gorgeous photos! I love the pops of pink and the black and white image of the cheek kiss is my favvvvvv.

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