Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding | Baltimore, MD | Taylor + Jonathan

November 15, 2017 Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding | Baltimore, MD | Taylor + Jonathan

Taylor and Jon were married on a very, very cold day this past weekend at Christ the Redeemer church with an amazing reception at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House.

The Couple

From the bride: “I guess you could say the bride’s big brother Tim is the matchmaker in this story. Jonathan and Tim worked together and became close friends. Tim brought Jonathan to a Raven’s tailgate and Taylor immediately asked her brother every detail about him and whether he was single (which he was!!). A few weeks later, Tim met up with Taylor and her friends one night at Plug Ugly’s in Canton and brought Jonathan along! (Tim keeping in mind Taylor’s expressed interest). And well-the rest is history! Taylor and Jonathan talked all night and a week later went on their first date! Three and half years later, Taylor and Jonathan settled on a home together in Stoneleigh and on that same day, Jonathan completely shocked Taylor with a proposal (which of course included our son, Marlo!). Taylor was touring the house and when she came down the steps, Marlo came running towards her with a box in his mouth (now’s probably a good time to mention that Marlo is a dog). It could not have been more perfect. Jonathan had also planned a big crab feast at the house that evening with both families so that we could celebrate with everyone! Taylor also waited to surprise her mom in person which was EPIC. We have videos. The most special day of our lives!”

The Wedding

Taylor and Jon’s wedding was seriously a dream. Taylor got ready in an amazing brand new residence at the Four Seasons with an incredible view and was the perfect space for the getting ready photos. The light was gorgeous and it was the perfect space to warm up for what was an emotional and fun wedding day. They had a sweet, touching first look – we photographed family and wedding party photos in the freezing cold, went off to the chapel to get these two lovebirds married, and then came back for one of the best parties of the year! I can’t get over how awesome this wedding was, and I hope the photos do it justice. Here are just a few of my favorites from their big day!

Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding Photos

taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0267 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0270 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0268 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0269 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0271 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0304taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0272 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0273 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0274 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0275 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0277 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0280 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0276 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0279 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0281 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0278 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0282 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0283 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0284 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0285 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0286 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0287 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0288 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0289 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0292 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0293 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0294 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0296 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0295 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0297 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0290 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0291 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0298 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0300 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0301 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0302 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0299 taylor-jon-mt-washington-mill-dye-house-wedding-photos_0303

Mt. Washington Mill Dye House Wedding Vendors

Venue: Mt. Washington Mill Dye House
Church: Christ the Redeemer
Photographer: Breanna Shaw
Photography Assistants: Sarah DeLauney and Tommy Wagner
DJ: Jordan Solender, District Remix
Officiant: Rev. David Ware
Bakery: Cakes by Debi
Caterer: Linwoods
Bridal Gown Designer: Amy Kuschel
Bridal Shop: Garnish Boutique
Hair Stylist: Katherine Bilello and her assistant
Makeup Artist: Ann through Bella of Canton
Florist: Corky Hebert
Linens: Let’s do linens
Transportation: American Limousines
Wedding Stationery: Papers Plus



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 10:12h, 15 November Reply

    This looks like such a fun group! I love the photos of them on the trolly- so much fun!

  • Emily
    Posted at 11:22h, 15 November Reply

    Love all the great moments and facial expressions. The spot you picked for their first look is beautiful! And I love their portrait by the window.

  • Rachel
    Posted at 19:59h, 15 November Reply


  • Sylvia Douglas
    Posted at 18:38h, 17 November Reply

    Amazing wedding so much fun! Jonathan and Taylor make a gorgeous couple inside and out. Wishing them both much love and happiness for many more years. Love you both!
    Aunt Syl (Big D).

  • Sylvia Douglas
    Posted at 18:46h, 17 November Reply

    Amazing wedding so much fun! The photos are beautiful loved the expressions on everyone. Jonathan and Taylor are beautiful inside and out. Wishing them both much love and happiness for many more years. Love you both!
    Aunt Syl (Big D).

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