Amy + Andrew | Cold Saturday Farm Wedding Photos | Reisterstown, MD

March 23, 2023 Amy + Andrew | Cold Saturday Farm Wedding Photos | Reisterstown, MD

Amy and Andrew were married this past Friday at Cold Saturday Farm in a perfectly pink St. Patrick’s Day breakfast for dinner wedding celebration.

The Proposal

“We went to Vegas in November 2021, and I thought a gondola ride would be the perfect moment to propose. But the gondola rides weren’t private and I got a little shy about proposing in front of two total strangers on a tiny boat. Then I thought a fountain would be a really sweet moment, so I tried to get Amy to come and get a selfie by one of their gorgeous fountains, but she was adamant that she was tired and wanted to get back to the hotel. I didn’t think I was going to be able to convince her otherwise, so… next plan. Which means, there was no plan! Time to improvise.

“Of course, everything got way more interesting when we were touring a distillery with Amy’s brother Chris. While on a rickshaw ride to the main distillery building (don’t ask), Amy asked me for the first time what the large item in my pocket was. Chris just blurts out, “That’s a ring, because he’s going to propose to you.” So during a later part of the tour, in a fake opium den inspired by The Picture of Dorian Grey, I finally proposed, and she said yes, in what was the most “us” way this whole thing could have happened.”

The Wedding

Amy and Andrew’s wedding was a really fun one for me. I’ve known Andrew for 15 years (ew gross, we’re old) when we worked together at the Apple Store and as soon as I met Amy it was clear that we were kindred spirits. I’ve never known anyone to embrace their favorite color as hard as Amy (in her hair, engagement ring, glasses, and of course, wedding!) … that is other than myself. lol. They were also having breakfast for dinner for the wedding – in honor of that being what they did for their first date. And Amy made a gajillion desserts and cookies! So for all of the reasons, I was really excited for their wedding, but mostly just excited to spend the day with two wonderful people. Here are just some of the highlights from their big day!

Cold Saturday Farm Wedding Photos

Cold Saturday Farm Wedding Vendors

Venue: Cold Saturday Farm
Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Jim Heine, Photography by Brea
Photo booth: Us!
Aubrey Canale, Simply Created Events
Jason Burns, Elite DJ Network
Livvy Hill, Stories by Olivia
Taylor Picard, Taylored Vows
Diablo Doughnuts & Wegmans
Simply Fresh Events
Lillian West
K&B Bridals
Mardi Mack, Wave Hair Trends
Nicole Palermo, Happily Ever After LLC
Flowers & Fancies
Transportation: American Limousines
Minted & Truly Engaging
Doggy Day of Care: Furever Always
Suit Rentals: The Black Tux
Footwear: Converse



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